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100% Multilotto Casino Bonus For UK Players

Looking for Multilotto casino bonus code for UK players? Use your exclusive bonus code “TMBONUS” and collect 100% deposit bonus to Multilotto casino up to £200!

You will also receive 100 free spins to Book of Dead -slot after your first deposit.

This multilotto bonus code available only for UK customers until 31.12.2020. As an active MultiLotto customer, you will also receive weekly offers, bonuses and free spins to play on the best online casino slots out there from providers like Microgaming, NetEnt, Pragmatic etc.

How To Use Multilotto Bonus Code?

Multilotto is one of the most popular international lottery brokers in the world. It’s also considered one of the fastest growing casino site in Europe.

This article offers a guidance how to use Multilotto bonus code to collect the new player welcome bonuses and free spins to Lotto and Casino.

How To Register To Multilotto?

The Multilotto registering process is very fast and easy to create a new account. It takes about 1-2 minutes to create a player account to Multilotto. Are you ready to create a new account? Follow these easy steps.

  1. Move to Multilotto.com website here.
  2. Click the Sign Up button at the top bar of the site.
  3. Fill your personal details.
  4. Fill your account details.
  5. Enter a bonus code to the box. (find bonus codes here)

Where To Put The Multilotto Bonus Code?

Using our exclusive Multilotto bonus code is super easy to put on the box in the account details box. Click on the “do you have a bonus code?” box and place the bonus code. (see picture below)

How To Use Multilotto Bonus Code

Click here to see the welcome bonus details with our bonus code.

New Multilotto Welcome Bonus For Swedish Players

As we had previously communicated, due to Multilotto move under the Swedish Gambling Authority, they’ve made some changes to their welcome bonus to Swedish customers.

We are happy to announce that the new bonus is now live and ready to be used.

Get most out of the bonuses, use bonus code “TMBONUS when you register your account.

1. Lotto welcome bonus
100% deposit bonus for Lotto up to 1000kr (minimum deposit: 100kr)
+ 50 free spins on Book of Dead
+ 5 free tickets

2. Casino welcome bonus
100% deposit bonus for Casino up to 2000kr (minimum deposit: 200kr)
+ 50 free spins on Book of Dead
+ 5 free tickets

Register here >>>

Please note that a player can only choose one of these bonuses and once a choice is made the other will disappear from their dashboard.

Are You Ready? Win Up To 1000 Free Spins at Multilotto Casino

World Cup 2018 Lottery - Win One Billion Euros

You can win up to 1000 free spins just by playing at Multilotto Casino. If you don’t have the Multilotto account yet, register here and use bonus code “TMBONUS” to collect vip welcome bonuses. See the welcome bonus here.

Play games like Pirate’s Charm, Sticky Bandits and/or Dwarfs Gone Wild and collect points and climb to the top list of the best players.

Here’s how you get points;

  • Scatter symbol on any game = 1 point
  • Any winnings spin which is 10x bigger than your bet = 5 points
  • Free spins bonus on any game = 10 points

The grande prize is 1000 free spins – but there is thousands of smaller prizes to be won also!

Mega Moolah and Mega Moolah Isis Jackpot Now Over 5 Million

Mega Moolah Jackpot Now Over €3,7 Million Euros at Multilotto Casino

One of the most popular casino online jackpot game Mega Moolah and it’s sister slot Mega Moolah Isis offers right now over 5 million euros jackpot at Multilotto Casino.

If you wish to TRIPLE your chances of hitting the jackpot, register and use our exclusive multilotto casino bonus codeTMBONUS” and we triple your first deposit up to €300.

Example; deposit €100, start hunting the jackpot with €400 balance.

And that’s not even a half what you are able to claim with the bonus code. Your second deposit will be doubled up to €100, and you third deposit with 50% bonus up to huge €500!

On top of these offers, you get 200 free spins to Book of Dead and 7 Sins slot. 20 no deposit free spins just by signing up.

Three (3) New Casino Slots at Multilotto Casino

Three (3) New Casino Slots at Multilotto Casino

Online casino and lottery site Multilotto has added three (3) new casino slots/games to it Casino listings. The new slots are The Champions, Lost Relics and Viking Goes To Hell.

The new casino games can be played with all available currency, euro, dollars, pounds. Multilotto casino slots and games can be played anywhere around the world.

If you still don’t have Multilotto Casino account, we highly recommend you to sign up and use our exclusive bonus code “TMBONUS” to collect the latest no deposit and deposit bonuses to Lotto and Casino. Read more about the bonuses here.


New at Multilotto – Scratchcards at Casino

New at Multilotto - Scratchcards at Casino

Online lottery and casino company Multilotto has added some new games in to it’s listings. The latest addition is the Scratchcards to Casino.

There are total of nine (9) different Scratchcards which can be played. The biggest jackpot is in The Scratch Platinum  top game – in this series and can get you wins ranging from 1 up to 100 000 times your stake with a top prize of €250 000 that can be won for the price of only €2.50 per card.

If you dont have Multilotto account yet, we highly recommend you to register one with the bonus code “TMBONUS“, so you can claim 20 no deposit free spins to Casino + total of £$€950 deposit bonuses to Lotto and Casino, plus even 200 free spins more.

Multilotto Scratchcards



Sydney resident collects $2.450.000 after winning the lottery twice in one week

Sydney resident collects $2.450.000 after winning the lottery twice in one week

Every lotto enthusiasts would be over the moon to win a major prize once in a lifetime, but for some people lightning strikes twice. That happened to one fortunate player from Sydney who collected a total of $2.450.000 in a week after scooping not one, but two enormous windfalls. Winning once is enough when jackpot amounts to $480.000.000 – try your luck with Mega Millions Max to scoop this enormous windfall.

Register To Multilotto.com/co.uk, Use Bonus Code “TMBONUS“, And Claim Deposit Bonuses To Lotto And Casino Up To £€950 + Total Of 220 Free Spins (20 just by sign up)

The fortunate Bondi resident celebrated his first victory when one of his ticket won the guaranteed $1.000.000 prize in Australia’s Monday Lotto draw. Most people would stop playing the lottery all together after such an amazing win, but not this 40-year-old. He reinvested some of his money in another ticket, and ended up snatching even more cash this time around! The ticket he purchased from Bondi Sixway News made him $1.450.000 richer a couple of days later.

Sky is the limit for this anonymous man, and he’s already making sound decisions for the future. His main plan is to invest the prize money wisely in real estate, but that doesn’t mean he won’t spoil himself a little bit. The $2.450.000 bought a new car after his first victory and he’s thinking of buying a place at Bondi Beach.

“I did treat myself the other day to a nice new sports car, but other than that I’m going to invest it very wisely I’m certainly not going to be stupid with it. I’ll get some sound financial advice from my accountant.  I’ll continue to dabble in the odd game. God is looking after me, no two ways about it,” said the fortunate man.

Astonishing $315.300.000 Powerball windfall goes to New Jersey

Astonishing $315.300.000 Powerball windfall goes to New Jersey

It’s been almost two months since Powerball produced a jackpot winner and devoted players spent that time patiently waiting for someone to replicate that success. One lucky ticket holder from New Jersey finally did it this Saturday night and ended up netting $315.300.000. Follow in their footsteps and snatch even more cash with Powerball Max – a ground-breaking prize $750.000.000 awaits!

Use Multilotto Bonus CodeTMBONUS” And Claim Bonus Money to Lotto and Casino Up To £€950 On Your First Deposits + Total Of 220 Free Spins (20 just by sign up)

The winning line that enabled this incredible victory on May 19th consisted of the numbers 3, 6, 9, 17 and 56 with the Power Ball 25. Mysterious New Jersey resident was the only one to match them all, but another five participants came really close to getting their hands on the jackpot on Saturday night. Match 5 prize worth $1.000.000 was collected by two ticket holders from Florida, and another three punters from Minnesota, New York and Texas. Powerball draw on Saturday night proved to be lucky for a total of over 1.060.000 people who collected around $15.580.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

Powerball has been rolling over since March 24th, when a family syndicate from Louisiana scooped an impressive $55.900.000 windfall. They went by the name the Moose Family Trust after the attorney Russell J. Stutes Jr. collected the prize on their behalf. He refused to share any personal information about the retired Lafayette couple, but said they’ll use some of the money to move closer to their two adult children and buy a new home for them.

“You couldn’t meet more deserving people. This new fortune will allow them to take care of their children and grandchildren. I have no doubt they will make excellent use of the opportunity it presents,” said Stutes.

Multilotto player from Switzerland scoops €23.540 playing Mega Moolah

Multilotto player from Switzerland scoops €23.540 playing Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah has inspired thousands of players to spin the wheel of fortune in hope they’ll win enormous prizes and that dream finally came true for one fortunate Swiss player. After trying their luck with the popular game, this casino enthusiast scooped an impressive €23.540 windfall!

Register to Multilotto Casino and use bonus code “TMBONUS“, deposit min. €25,00 and collect 300% first deposit bonus up to €300. For example, deposit €100, start playing with €400 balance!

We were delighted to find out that one of avid Multilotto players became the winner of this amazing prize. Our casino games were often overshadowed by big lottery jackpots in the past, but this is their moment to shine! Since its introduction last year, Mega Moolah established itself as “the millionaire maker” amongst our casino games because it constantly offers the most ground-breaking prizes out there. Its current jackpot amounts to $2.373.240, but players can also snatch impressive pay-outs of smaller value just like our latest winner from Switzerland. We’re sure they’ll think of something amazing to do with the €23.540 windfall – summer is just around the corner and they could treat themsleves to a dream holiday for the whole family.

Mega Moolah could help you do the same thing – all you have to do is take a spin! This wild Africa-themed five reel video slot offers a progressive jackpot, which keeps on growing with each new spin until it’s won. In addition to the Mega prize, this game comes with three cash rewards of smaller value known as Mini, Minor and Major. You increase the odds of collecting the highest pay-out by investing more money into the game, but that’s not always a guarantee of success. The highest windfall in Mega Moolah history amounted to €17.879.000 and it was collected by Jon Heywood, who spent the minimal amount of money when he placed his bet back in 2015.

How to pick lottery numbers?

Winning a big jackpot on the lottery is something every player dreams about. In order to win you must first match all the numbers that are drawn. The question is, how do you do that? There’s a bunch of different ways on how to pick lottery numbers. Carry on reading to find the best ways to pick your lucky lotto numbers. Because who knows, you may be the next big winner if you pick your lottery numbers in this way?

Choosing good lottery numbers is important

As a Lotto beginner you may think it’s good to listen to other people about which numbers they choose when picking their lottery numbers. However, this is something which you really should avoid. If you do happen to choose the same lottery numbers as someone else, you will have to share the jackpot with all tickets which display the same numbers. Try to choose your numbers so they’re unique, this way you get to keep all those millions to yourself.

Register to Multilotto and play lotteries around the world. Use bonus code “TMBONUS“, deposit min. $€25,00 and collect 100% deposit bonus to Lotto and 300% first deposit bonus to Casino up to £€300.

Most humans think differently than one another, however when it comes to options on how to pick lottery numbers, we tend to think the same. It’s common to choose lucky lottery numbers by selecting a special date, this could be a birthday or an anniversary for example. Since a month doesn’t have more than 31 days, numbers above 32 are frequently disregarded. So this is an option to choose the best lotto numbers as they have the same odds of being drawn, but less people choosing the numbers. This means that lottery wins with these numbers tend to be higher jackpots as the winnings are not shared too widely. Also, if you happen to be the only winner you get it all to yourself! Also, do not forget that Multilotto is not only about playing lottery but also Casino. Multilotto’s online casino is one of the best around.

Think outside the box when picking lucky lotto numbers

One thing that definitely increases your chances of winning is to buy many tickets or join a syndicate. The more tickets you have the more numbers you’ll have and that will boost your chances of winning. If you join a syndicate you can have more combinations of numbers, but if you win you will have to share the profit with your partners.

Using the Multilotto quick pick feature

Still not sure how you are going to pick your lottery numbers? Or maybe you’re just anxious about choosing them? If so, you should try the Multilotto “Quickpick” tool. You’ll find the orange button up to the right hand side of each and every lottery. If you click on the button it will automatically choose random numbers and additional number/s for you. All you need to do after that is to pay and wait until the draw. Using the “Quickpick” tool will make your selection of numbers easier than ever!

This tool is perfect for people that are in a rush or just don’t have time when they’re purchasing a ticket. It’s also amazing for people that feel anxious about deciding which numbers are the best. This is understandable since choosing the right lottery numbers could change your life forever!

Believe it or not, sometimes it’s just a coincidence that a person becomes a lottery winner. Often, the lucky lotto winner may have used the quickpick tool or just visited a retail store and bought a ticket with random numbers.

Sometimes winning the lottery is just meant to be and all you have to do is believe in fate!

How to pick lottery numbers: Choose frequently picked numbers

One strategy that some people like to use is to choose frequently picked numbers. To check this all you need to do is go to the Multilotto Results page, choose which lottery you want to play and go through the latest draws. There you will see all numbers that are drawn most frequently. There’s no clear way to know if you should be looking up frequent winning numbers or numbers that come up less frequently. Look up both types of numbers and play sequences with a combo of both. Winning numbers that come up more frequently are likely to remain frequent winners. If you play a number that doesn’t come up as frequently, then you simply may need to wait a while to see if it comes up when it’s “due” to win. Lottery is all about luck, with a pinch of strategy.

There are a few lotteries where some numbers never have been drawn. One of these lotteries is the lotto giant Euromillions. Just bare in mind, that if you choose frequently picked numbers and someone else chooses the same lotto numbers as you, you will have to share the jackpot if you win. So choose the frequently picked ones but make it unique with your own little twist.

Choose a special date along with your lucky lotto numbers

If you believe in lucky numbers and indeed have your very own lucky number, subconsciously they’re probably digits that center around important dates or events in your life. An alternative method of picking lottery numbers should be to mix your lucky numbers and significant numbers together. For instance, you might use your grandmother’s birthday month and year, 7/1931 and your father’s birth month and day 4/29. Together you might come up with something like 7-14-21-1-39. Other examples of significant numbers might be: Birthdays, anniversaries, ages, addresses, phone numbers etc.

Some folks have a lucky number which they use for everything. The number isn’t connected to a birthday or anything like that, for some reason they just like the number. Do you have your own lucky number? Have you had your lucky number since you were a child? Or is it a special number you always think about? If you have a lucky number, consider making it your additional number / bonus number. Several experts recommend players to stick with the same bonus number/s on every draw. If you use these tips you might just get lucky!

The key to lucky numbers is simply having enough to fill an entire lottery ticket – if you have to borrow numbers from someone else then they are not really lucky anymore are they? And if you win, are you going to share the jackpot with them? Somehow, we didn’t think so. Make your lottery numbers your own.

So now you know how to pick lottery numbers

As you now know, there are plenty of different ways to pick lottery numbers and win huge jackpots. These are tips that may help you on the way to that mega lotto win. In what way you wish to proceed is all in your hands. No one can say which one strategy is better than another, but everyone likes to tell you that it is important to choose you lottery numbers. How are you going to pick yours?

Now you’ve got all the information you’ll need for start play lotto! All you need to do is to go to Multilotto, choose a lottery such as Powerball or Mega Millions and buy a lotto ticket, pick your numbers, pay and wait until the draw! Good luck!

How to play Mega Millions in the UK

How to play Mega Millions in the UK

Not many people would say no to a huge jackpot win on the lottery. But did you know you can play biggest lotteries in the world no matter your location? We often get asked “can I play Mega Millions in the UK?”. And do you know what! The answer is yes, when you play Mega Millions UK here at Multilotto! Thanks to the internet you can now play lotto online wherever and whenever you want. Multilotto is a regulated and safe international betting service which focuses on both lotteries and online casino.

The site offers some of the biggest lotteries with the highest jackpots in the world. No matter if you’re a beginner or have experience playing lotto online, at Multilotto anybody can play, as it is both easy and fun! You’ll get all the lotto information that you will need on our website, and if you have any further questions you’re more than welcome to contact our awesome support team.

The American lottery “The Big Game” was first launched in august 1996, however 6 years later it was renamed to what we today recognise as Mega Millions UK. The first draw took place in 2002 and since then, the lottery has distributed hundreds of millions in prize money. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot in history was a whopping £470.500.000.00 watch was won on the 30th of March 2012.

How to play Mega Millions UK

People react in different ways when they become a lottery winner. Usually UK lottery winners explain the feeling of being a jackpot winner as indescribable, they can’t even put it into words. All feelings and thoughts swirl in chaotic ecstasy around your head. There truly is no feeling like it. To know more about what to do after winning a jackpot carry on reading and we will tell you all of the answers to the question, can I play Mega Millions in the UK?

If you have wondered if it is possible to play Mega Millions in the UK, you may also have wondered if it is possible to play Powerball in the UK. Find out by clicking the link.

What should I do If I win the Lottery?

  • Try to keep quiet. Don’t tell anyone you’ve won until you actually have the money.
  • Carefully read all instructions. Both on the lottery ticket and on our site.
  • Contact our customer support and they will walk you through the claims process.

Once you have collected your winnings, you will need to create long-term benefits from your winnings. You may get a financial advisor to discuss things. Such as making a plan about how much money to spend versus to save for example. Some lottery winners go bankrupt after winning due to them spending crazily, throwing cash away on huge houses and super cars and so on. Because of this you will need to give yourself a modest initial spending budget. Players receive their winnings as an annual payment or a lump sum. Consider taking it  as an annual payment since that will allow you to make a year or two of potentially bad financial decisions while you learn the ropes of how to handle such money in the best possible. And remember, buy smart and invest!

Frequently asked questions about lotto and the Mega Millions lottery?

First of all, what is Multilotto?

Multilotto is one of the leading international betting services for lotteries and offers secure and competitive placement of bets on some of the world’s biggest lotteries. We’re not a lottery operator but a trusted and secure betting site.

Can I play Mega Millions in the UK?

Yes you can! When you’re playing at Multilotto you can play different lotto’s from all over the world, since there are very few geographical restrictions. You can be conveniently sat on your sofa at home, in your chair at the office or somewhere else. It’s all in your hands.

How to check the winning Mega Millions numbers?

Don’t worry. The draw takes place every wednesday and saturday at 05.00 a.m. If you can’t see the drawing when it’s taking place you can go to Multilotto’s result page or visit the

Mega Millions Results page to see if you managed to match all of the numbers. If you did, congratulations, you’ve just won the jackpot!

How to win Mega Millions UK?

To win the Mega Millions jackpot you first of all need to buy a ticket, this you can buy from a local retail store or more comfortably through Multilotto. Choose 5 numbers from 1-70 and one additional number between 1-25, pay and wait until the draw takes place. If you’ve managed to match all six numbers you’ve won the Mega Millions jackpot!

Where can I buy lottery tickets online?

You can buy your ticket from different online lottery services. But the easiest and safest place to buy lottery tickets online is on Multilotto. Here you don’t need to worry about withdrawal problems or anything else.

What happens if I lose my lotto ticket?

This is a great example of why you should buy the ticket on Multilotto. When you purchase a ticket it will be saved on your own lotto account so you don’t need to worry about losing it. If you buy it through a retail store and lose it and someone else find it that person can be the lucky winner if the ticket contains the right combination of numbers.

What are the odds of winning the lottery?

All the winning odds of Mega Millions are presented at each and every lottery on the Multilotto site. For example, on Mega Millions the chance to win the lottery is 1:302 575 350. Which may sound impossible but bare in mind that if you do not try, you definitely won’t win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Stop dreaming and start acting! To play lotto in the UK is possible so what are you waiting for? Go to Multilotto today, create an account or log in, and try lotteries from all around the world. Luckily you have opportunity to win different jackpots almost every day! Choose your lucky numbers, pay for the tickets and just wait and see.. Because who knows, you may be the next jackpot winner!

NEW! Powerball MAX! 100% Exclusive. World’s biggest lottery jackpot

NEW! Powerball MAX! 100% Exclusive. World_s biggest lottery jackpot!

MAX jackpots! Exclusively at Multilotto! Register free and use our exclusive bonus code – TMBONUS – and claim 100% first deposit bonus to Lotto up to £€50. 

At Multilotto we want our players to be able to win the world’s biggest jackpots. But, sometimes, to quote the title of a famous Bond movie, the world is not enough.

That’s why we’ve launched our MAX jackpots. There’s already Mega Millions MAX and EuroJackpot MAX offering huge set jackpots, but now we’ve raised the bar even higher to bring you Powerball MAX – the world’s biggest set lottery jackpot at an incredible $800 MILLION!

What is Powerball MAX?

Powerball MAX is exactly the same as America’s record breaking Powerball draw except for one crucial difference – the jackpot is set at an amazing $800 MILLION.

You pick your numbers in the same way (5 from 1-69 and a bonus number from 1-26) and the draw takes place at the same time every Wednesday and Saturday evening this side of the Atlantic.

The staggering $800 MILLION set jackpot makes Powerball MAX the world’s biggest set lottery jackpot. So, while the official jackpot can sink below $100 million, you’ll always play for a much bigger jackpot with Powerball MAX at Multilotto.

And, at the end of the day, isn’t that the real reason we all play lottery…? To win a truly gigantic jackpot!!

10 No Deposit Free Spins + 50 More When You Deposit €20

Are you answering the phone? Multilotto just launched a new casino slot, Hotline, and your account has been credited with 10 no deposit free spins.

And that’s not all. If you deposit today min. £€20, we are giving away 50 free spins more to the newly Hotline slot by NetEnt.

If you are new to Multilotto, register now, use a bonus code – TMBONUS –  and claim 20 no deposit free spins to 7 Sins slot. Your account will be also credited with 300% first deposit bonus up to £€300.

Read more about the Multilotto deposit bonuses here.

Win VIP-Tickets to F1 Monaco Grand Prix for Two + €35,000 Prize Money

Win VIP-Tickets to F1 Monaco Grand Prix for Two + €35,000,000

Start your engines for F1-season 2018 in huge Monaco Rush -race!

One £$€0,50 spin on casino games Gold Rush, Acient Egypt, Diamond Strike, Chili Heat or 7 Piggies gives you an opportunity to win VIP tickets to Monaco Grand Prix for two, two nights at France Riviera + £$€35,000 prize money.

How to Participate?

  • Register account to Multilotto.com and use bonus code: TMBONUS *
  • Deposit at least £$€10,00 to your account
  • Play at least with £$€0,50 stake on casino games Gold Rush, Acient Egypt, Diamond Strike, Chili Heat or 7 Piggies.

Winners will be informed 4.4.2018

*With the bonus code, you may claim 300% first deposit bonus to Casino up to £$€300, and 100% deposit bonus to lotteries up to £$€100 + 20 no deposit free spins to casino.

Start your engines at Multilotto Casino.


Voita VIP-Matka Monacon Grand Prixiin Kahdelle Hengelle

Voita F1-matka Monacoon kahdelle hengelle

Kilpaile ruutulipusta ja pysähdy varikolla suuria voittoja varten Monaco Rush -kilpailuissa!

Yksi vähintään €0,50 pyöräytys peleissä Gold Rush, Ancient Egypt, Diamond Strike, Chilli Heat tai 7 Piggies voi luoda sinulle mahdollisuuden voittaa VIP matkan Monacon Grand Prixiin kahdelle hengelle kahdeksi yöksi Ranskan Rivieralle sekä €35 000 rahapalkinnon!


  • Rekisteröidy Multilotto sivustolle ja käytä bonuskoodia: TMBONUS *
  • Talleta vähintään 10,00€
  • Pelaa vähintään 0,50€ pyöräytyksellä pelejä Gold Rush, Ancient Egypt, Diamond Strike, Chilli Heat tai 7 Piggies.

Voittajille ilmoitetaan keskiviikkona 4.4.2018!

*Saat bonuskoodilla 300% ensitalletusbonuksen aina 300€ saakka, sekä 100% talletusbonuksen lottoon aina 50€ saakka + 20 ilmaiskierrosta ilman talletusta kasinolle.

Aseta itsesi lähtövalmiuteen Multiloton Kasinolla!