Sydney resident collects $2.450.000 after winning the lottery twice in one week

Sydney resident collects $2.450.000 after winning the lottery twice in one week

Every lotto enthusiasts would be over the moon to win a major prize once in a lifetime, but for some people lightning strikes twice. That happened to one fortunate player from Sydney who collected a total of $2.450.000 in a week after scooping not one, but two enormous windfalls. Winning once is enough when jackpot amounts to $480.000.000 – try your luck with Mega Millions Max to scoop this enormous windfall.

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The fortunate Bondi resident celebrated his first victory when one of his ticket won the guaranteed $1.000.000 prize in Australia’s Monday Lotto draw. Most people would stop playing the lottery all together after such an amazing win, but not this 40-year-old. He reinvested some of his money in another ticket, and ended up snatching even more cash this time around! The ticket he purchased from Bondi Sixway News made him $1.450.000 richer a couple of days later.

Sky is the limit for this anonymous man, and he’s already making sound decisions for the future. His main plan is to invest the prize money wisely in real estate, but that doesn’t mean he won’t spoil himself a little bit. The $2.450.000 bought a new car after his first victory and he’s thinking of buying a place at Bondi Beach.

“I did treat myself the other day to a nice new sports car, but other than that I’m going to invest it very wisely I’m certainly not going to be stupid with it. I’ll get some sound financial advice from my accountant.  I’ll continue to dabble in the odd game. God is looking after me, no two ways about it,” said the fortunate man.


How to play Mega Millions in the UK

How to play Mega Millions in the UK

Not many people would say no to a huge jackpot win on the lottery. But did you know you can play biggest lotteries in the world no matter your location? We often get asked “can I play Mega Millions in the UK?”. And do you know what! The answer is yes, when you play Mega Millions UK here at Multilotto! Thanks to the internet you can now play lotto online wherever and whenever you want. Multilotto is a regulated and safe international betting service which focuses on both lotteries and online casino.

The site offers some of the biggest lotteries with the highest jackpots in the world. No matter if you’re a beginner or have experience playing lotto online, at Multilotto anybody can play, as it is both easy and fun! You’ll get all the lotto information that you will need on our website, and if you have any further questions you’re more than welcome to contact our awesome support team.

The American lottery “The Big Game” was first launched in august 1996, however 6 years later it was renamed to what we today recognise as Mega Millions UK. The first draw took place in 2002 and since then, the lottery has distributed hundreds of millions in prize money. The biggest Mega Millions jackpot in history was a whopping £470.500.000.00 watch was won on the 30th of March 2012.

How to play Mega Millions UK

People react in different ways when they become a lottery winner. Usually UK lottery winners explain the feeling of being a jackpot winner as indescribable, they can’t even put it into words. All feelings and thoughts swirl in chaotic ecstasy around your head. There truly is no feeling like it. To know more about what to do after winning a jackpot carry on reading and we will tell you all of the answers to the question, can I play Mega Millions in the UK?

If you have wondered if it is possible to play Mega Millions in the UK, you may also have wondered if it is possible to play Powerball in the UK. Find out by clicking the link.

What should I do If I win the Lottery?

  • Try to keep quiet. Don’t tell anyone you’ve won until you actually have the money.
  • Carefully read all instructions. Both on the lottery ticket and on our site.
  • Contact our customer support and they will walk you through the claims process.

Once you have collected your winnings, you will need to create long-term benefits from your winnings. You may get a financial advisor to discuss things. Such as making a plan about how much money to spend versus to save for example. Some lottery winners go bankrupt after winning due to them spending crazily, throwing cash away on huge houses and super cars and so on. Because of this you will need to give yourself a modest initial spending budget. Players receive their winnings as an annual payment or a lump sum. Consider taking it  as an annual payment since that will allow you to make a year or two of potentially bad financial decisions while you learn the ropes of how to handle such money in the best possible. And remember, buy smart and invest!

Frequently asked questions about lotto and the Mega Millions lottery?

First of all, what is Multilotto?

Multilotto is one of the leading international betting services for lotteries and offers secure and competitive placement of bets on some of the world’s biggest lotteries. We’re not a lottery operator but a trusted and secure betting site.

Can I play Mega Millions in the UK?

Yes you can! When you’re playing at Multilotto you can play different lotto’s from all over the world, since there are very few geographical restrictions. You can be conveniently sat on your sofa at home, in your chair at the office or somewhere else. It’s all in your hands.

How to check the winning Mega Millions numbers?

Don’t worry. The draw takes place every wednesday and saturday at 05.00 a.m. If you can’t see the drawing when it’s taking place you can go to Multilotto’s result page or visit the

Mega Millions Results page to see if you managed to match all of the numbers. If you did, congratulations, you’ve just won the jackpot!

How to win Mega Millions UK?

To win the Mega Millions jackpot you first of all need to buy a ticket, this you can buy from a local retail store or more comfortably through Multilotto. Choose 5 numbers from 1-70 and one additional number between 1-25, pay and wait until the draw takes place. If you’ve managed to match all six numbers you’ve won the Mega Millions jackpot!

Where can I buy lottery tickets online?

You can buy your ticket from different online lottery services. But the easiest and safest place to buy lottery tickets online is on Multilotto. Here you don’t need to worry about withdrawal problems or anything else.

What happens if I lose my lotto ticket?

This is a great example of why you should buy the ticket on Multilotto. When you purchase a ticket it will be saved on your own lotto account so you don’t need to worry about losing it. If you buy it through a retail store and lose it and someone else find it that person can be the lucky winner if the ticket contains the right combination of numbers.

What are the odds of winning the lottery?

All the winning odds of Mega Millions are presented at each and every lottery on the Multilotto site. For example, on Mega Millions the chance to win the lottery is 1:302 575 350. Which may sound impossible but bare in mind that if you do not try, you definitely won’t win the Mega Millions jackpot.

Stop dreaming and start acting! To play lotto in the UK is possible so what are you waiting for? Go to Multilotto today, create an account or log in, and try lotteries from all around the world. Luckily you have opportunity to win different jackpots almost every day! Choose your lucky numbers, pay for the tickets and just wait and see.. Because who knows, you may be the next jackpot winner!

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Identity of the lucky Brit who won £77.700.000 is still a mystery

Lotto players around the continent had a reason for celebration on Friday night, when Euromillions offered one of the most exciting prize pools in recent memory. Two ticket holders from Spain and the UK shared the spectacular jackpot, scooping £77.700.000 each. Spanish prize has been claimed shortly after the draw took place, but the identity of the British winner still remains a mystery.

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The winning line that enabled this amazing victory on February 23rd consisted of the numbers 10, 17, 18, 28 and 47, with Lucky Stars 3 and 7. After lottery officials revealed Euromillions results on Friday night two participants from Spain and the UK came out victorious, sharing the £155.500.000 jackpot. Spanish winners didn’t wait too long before coming forward. It was reported that the top prize was claimed by the consortium of 80 members from municipality of Manilva. The representative of their syndicate purchased the golden ticket at the Carrefour Gran Sur-Torres Shopping Centre.

We still don’t know anything about the UK player or how they reacted after finding out they’re about to receive £77.700.000. Andy Carter, the National Lottery’s senior winners’ advisor, was very excited to announce that another Brit became a jackpot millionaire.

“Wow, what a win for one lucky UK ticket holder. This is the tenth biggest winner this country has ever seen and we look forward to toasting their win. As well as one lucky UK player banking a life-changing £77.000.000 share of the jackpot, tonight’s special millionaire event saw seven £1.000.000 winners made in the UK,” said Carter, referring to the special European Millionaire Maker draw that also took place that night.