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£2.600.000 lotto winner is spending his fortune on top sporting events

£2.600.000 lotto winner is spending his fortune on top sporting events

Winning a major lottery prize provides you with an opportunity to do anything you set your mind to – in Matt Evans’ case it was watching high profile sporting events around the world. The lucky man who became £2.600.000 richer about a year ago decided to spend a portion of his fortune on making his dreams come true, and Mega Millions could help you do the same thing. Play now to snatch a life-changing windfall worth €100.900.000!

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Evans scooped the UK’s Lotto prize last July and said he plans to buy an estate, a Ferrari and some Royal Mail shares. The fortunate man, who’s worked as a postman for eight years, added he will use some of the money to take his parents to Wimbledon final and the Grand Prix in Monaco, and buy tickets for sporting events in New Zealand and Australia.

“I’ve always loved watching sport and this win means that as well as looking after my family, I can travel the world, watching my teams play. There are lots of trips on my wish list,” said Evans after he collected £2.600.000 last year.

He’s really proving to be a man of his word, because it was reported he has splashed out a lot of cash travelling the globe to witness high profile games. He regularly visits the U.S. in order to cheer on American football’s Washington Redskins, ice hockey side the Washington Capitals and baseball’s Baltimore Orioles. He also booked the seats to all his favourite events – from the Rio Olympics and the Monaco Grand Prix, to Wimbledon and the upcoming Euro 2016 finals.

“I know I’m very lucky – I’m living the dream of so many blokes. I always said if I won the lottery I’d spend it on following my favourite teams,” explained Evans.

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Most expensive home in Hawaii will set you back by $70.000.000

Most expensive home in Hawaii will set you back by $70.000.000

Visiting Hawaii at least once in a lifetime is on everyone’s bucket list, but actually living there is a dream comes true for many. Hale ‘Ae Kai is one of the most impressive estates on this beautiful archipelago, but becoming its owner would mean cashing out $70.000.000. Not many people can afford spending this enormous sum on a new home, but you could after the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch €269.900.000!

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There’s an endless list of things that make this 15-acre estate, situated on Kauai’s North Shore, a true paradise on Earth. It offers breath-taking views on the Pacific Ocean, clear sightlines to the Kilauea Lighthouse and private access to the Secret Beach, which is widely known for its seclusion and beauty. One of the most attractive parts of owning this serene and secluded oasis is the fact it comes with a fully operational farm of palm, coconut, lemon, banana, and grapefruit trees. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy farm-fresh fruit every day and serves as a natural barrier to the outside world, protecting you and your guests from the prying eyes.

Hale ‘Ae Kai may be a dream home for everyone who enjoys spending their time surrounded by unsolicited nature, but it also offers all the amenities of a regular opulent estate. This compound consists of four pavilions, each one reserved for a different area of the house. The central pavilion features kitchen, dining area, living room, exercise room, media room, office, and a bar. The master bedroom pavilion has 1.100 square-feet and it’s outfitted with a living area, wet bar, and indoor and outdoor shower areas. There are also another two one-bedroom pavilions, where your guests can enjoy sweeping views of the ocean. The gated grounds also include an infinity pool, hot tub, fire pit and an outdoor dining area.

Prepare for Powerball on Saturday night – €245.900.000 will be offered!

Prepare for Powerball on Saturday night – €245.900.000 will be offered!

The long run of Powerball rollovers continued this Wednesday night when lotto enthusiasts didn’t match all the winning numbers for the 13th time in a row. Could you succeed where they’ve failed? Play Powerball and you could get a chance to turn your life around with an astonishing €245.900.000 windfall!

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The last Powerball draw that didn’t bring much luck to anyone took place on May 17th – all players failed to correctly guess the winning combination 4, 11, 39, 45 and 48 with the Power Ball 9. One resident of Oregon was very close to becoming a multi- millionaire, but snatched $1.000.000 for matching the five main numbers instead. The sum total of all non-jackpot prizes won that night amounted to $7.655.000 and it was shared between more than 865.000 people.

Powerball isn’t the only game with a super-impressive prize out there. Many European lotteries are currently offering staggering jackpots, and Euromillions is leading the game. It has been rolling over for more than a month, and the last draw that failed to produce a jackpot winner took place this Tuesday night. The winning numbers were 8, 11, 15, 20 and 30 with the Lucky Stars 3 and 8, which marks another occasion when popular numbers under 31, based on special dates, didn’t turn anyone into a multi-millionaire. Two players from the UK and one from Portugal were really close to snatching a top prize, but ended up winning €372.000 each after missing a jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars. Tonight’s draw could make you €107.000.000 richer – buy a ticket HERE and try your luck!

There’s also a way to win some extra cash while you’re waiting for Powerball and Euromillions numbers to be drawn – Mega Moolah could make you $3.412.000 richer right now!

A stunning home in Finland worthy of the newest Eurojackpot millionaire

A stunning home in Finland worthy of the newest Eurojackpot millionaire

Even when they decide to move, major lotto winners usually don’t go too far – despite having millions in their pockets, they want to stay in close proximity to the people they hold close to their heart. One person who was lucky enough to snatch €86.000.000 in the Eurojackpot draw on two weeks ago intends to do the same, we found a perfect home in their homeland of Finland!

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This magnificent villa, located approximately 25 minutes by car from the capital Helsinki, is selling for €4.600.000 and a quick glance at its interior proves it’s worth every penny. If the latest Eurojackpot winner wants to celebrate their victory in a brand new home with a whole family, this 5.500 square foot house is just the place! It offers a total of four bedrooms, including three on a second floor, and another one on the first floor. It also has a specious living room with a fireplace and a dining area, located next to a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. The most impressive room is the master bedroom with its own private bathroom and an enormous walk-in closet for two.


This stunning mansion is also an ideal place for anyone who likes to spend their free time completely relaxed and surrounded by nature. In addition to an enormous green garden, a private waterfront and boat dock, it offers a long list of amenities that come with unlimited amount of peace and comfort – a spa area, with a tub, two different kinds of steam rooms and mosaic flooring is located downstairs. If the new owner is more into enjoying breath-taking views from their terrace, they can just walk outside the living room and gaze upon the sea and the Finnish archipelago.


If you’re looking for a way to start a new life in your dream home, Powerball could provide you with enough money to do so – play now and a €205.300.000 windfall could be yours!

Retired couple plans a trip around Australia after $1.000.000 lotto win

Retired couple plans a trip around Australia after $1.000.000 lotto win

Retired couple plans a trip around Australia after $1.000.000 lotto win

Snatching a major lottery prize means you can go on a road trip of a lifetime, and one couple from Cairns decided to explore their homeland of Australia after a $1.000.000 victory. You could explore the whole world with €107.000.000 in your pockets – that’s the prize EuroMillions will offer in its next draw and it could be yours on Friday night!

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The husband and wife, who wish to remain anonymous, matched the winning numbers 4, 6, 11, 24, 28 and 43 in the Gold Lotto draw on April 5th. The husband checked the numbers that very night, but waited until the morning to tell his wife, since she wouldn’t be able to fall asleep if she knew the truth.

“I was checking the numbers and I saw four of them. But then on the last line I said, ‘Hang on, there’s more.’ I can’t believe how lucky I’ve been,” said the husband.

The fortunate couple intends to share the prize with their family, but they will also go on adventure of their own. They intend to buy a brand-new RV and take an exciting road trip across their home land.

“On my bucket list has been to buy an RV and do a trip around Australia. I’ll buy a new one, the best one. I’ve been looking at them for a very long time,” said the husband.

The Cairns couple bought their ticket at the Trinity Beach News at Coastwatchers Shopping Centre at Trinity Beach. Store owner Bruce Sharples had the pleasure of meeting one of the winners on the morning after the draw, and expressed his hope of bringing luck to more lotto enthusiasts in the future.

“We’re excited because for the last four years we’ve sold a ticket for over a million dollars to some lucky locals, so that’s great. We just hope it keeps rolling on,” said Mr. Sharples.

Japan launches Shiki-shima, the most luxurious train in the world

Japan launches Shiki-shima, the most luxurious train in the world

Trains are usually considered an affordable way of traveling, but not Shiki-shima! This futuristic 10-coach creation attracted a lot of attention after its launch a few weeks ago and it was dubbed “the most luxurious train in the world”. If you’d like to become one of its passengers, you could afford a ride after the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch €205.900.000!

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Shiki-shima (meaning “Island of four seasons”) was designed by Ken Okuyama, who’s known for his work for Porsche, Ferrari and Maserati, so it doesn’t come as a surprise that it represent a perfect blend of luxury and sheer power. The two glass-walled observatory cars offer passengers with uninterrupted views of eastern Japan’s forests, fields and coastline, while enjoying a long list of amenities this ride has to offer.

The train can carry a maximum of 34 passengers, who start their journey from Ueno station in Tokyo. Five of the coaches are filled by the standard suites – three bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, and two “deluxe suites” featuring an aromatic cypress wood bath. Passengers can also watch the scenery roll past from one of the two observation cars, enjoy delicately prepared meals in a dining car, or just sit back and relax in the lounge – it has a piano bar and walls that evoke “a quite forest”.

Fares range between $2.200 and $10.000, but if you’re hoping to get on board any time soon, it’s already too late. Tickets are completely sold out until April 2018, and even if you can afford one, taking a ride on Shiki-shima isn’t that simple. Instead of purchasing a fare, you’ll have to fill out an application, and hope your name is selected by the lottery.