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Missouri Player Collects $1.000.000 Mega Millions Prize


Every lotto player buys their tickets with a hope they’ll once scoop a major prize, but that’s not enough to prepare them for the moment of their big victory. Perris Monrow is one of those players, and he was completely taken aback after discovering one of his Mega Millions tickets is worth $1.000.000.

Missouri player scooped this prize on March 19th, when he matched the five main winning numbers 10, 42, 53, 67 and 68, but missed the Mega Ball 15. He purchased the ticket at the On the Run store, located on 9371 Olive Road in Olivette.

Monrow is an occasional lotto player who has a habit of buying lotto tickets every once in a while, at the convenience store near his work place. He never won much money before, and that’s why she was completely gobsmacked after the clerk at the store informed him that his ticket is worth $1.000.000.

“I got in there right when they opened and asked them to scan them for me. I said, ‘Let me know how much I won,’ just as a joke. She scanned them and said, ‘Well, you did pretty well today!’” recalled Missouri player.

Latest Mega Millions draw took place this Tuesday, but failed to produce a jackpot winner. Winning line consisted of the numbers 11, 29, 34, 48 and 54 with the Mega Ball 10. Two players from California and Virginia, who managed to match the five main numbers, walked away with$1.000.000 each. Mega Millions jackpot has jumped up to $175.000.000 and you can bet on the outcome of this game right here at Multilotto.


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