Powerball Boost will change your life with a €640.900.000 windfall

Powerball Boost will change your life with a €640.900.000 windfall

Powerball Boost aficionados spent weeks trying to snatch the jackpot with no luck, but everything could change this Saturday night. Jaw-dropping windfall worth €640.600.000 is up for grabs and it could be yours if you play your numbers right!

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Latest Powerball draw that failed to transform someone into a multi-millionaire took place on September 26th. Winning line drawn on Wednesday night consisted of the numbers 1, 2, 7, 30 and 50 with the Power Ball 8. Despite the fact it didn’t produce a jackpot winner, this line proved to be extremely lucky for a single player from Illinois. They collected a Match 5 prize worth $1.000.000 after correctly guessing the five main numbers. Wednesday night’s draw produced a total of over 633.000 winners who collected around $8.160.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

Mega Millions has been rolling even longer than Powerball – it hasn’t produced a jackpot winner since July 24th when 11 members of an office pool from Santa Clara County split gigantic windfall worth $543.000.000. They decided to keep on working after becoming millionaires because they want to stay together and do the job they love. Their plans for the future included paying off mortgages, kids’ college tuition, helping family members, going back to school and travelling.

No one replicated their Mega Millions success in over two months and nothing changed this Tuesday night. The winning numbers 8, 16, 32, 48 and 61 with the Mega Ball 12 failed to produce a jackpot winner on September 25th. They did, however, help one lucky punter from New York become $1.000.000 richer, after missing the top prize by the Mega Ball number.

If you’re trying to get a taste of something a little bit different, our newly-launched game Oktoberfest Lottery will give you what you’re craving for – a mind-blowing jackpot worth €790.000.000!


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