Queens resident hits $9.500.000 jackpot after two decades of playing

Queens resident hits $9.500.000 jackpot after two decades of playing

Luigi Macchione stayed loyal to the same lottery game for 20 years, and his patience paid off big time! This fortunate man from Queens recently collected a New York Lotto jackpot worth $9.500.000. Follow in his footsteps and become lottery millionaire in the next Powerball Max draw – a life-changing $750.000.000 windfall awaits!

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Macchione scooped this impressive amount of cash by correctly guessing the six main winning numbers 1, 25, 36, 40, 56 and 57 in the New York Lotto draw on May 30th. He purchased the ticket at the JR Auto Services on St. Nicholas Place in Manhattan and decided to receive his prize as a one-time lump sum payment, which amounts to around $3.870.000 after required withholdings.

Macchione has been playing New York Lotto for 20 years, and this game was always his top choice. Fortunate Queens resident claims he likes it more than Powerball and Mega Millions because it offers better odds.

“I scanned the ticket on June 2nd and the machine kept beeping saying I had a big winner! I couldn’t believe how much noise it was making! I still can’t believe it. I plan to invest the winnings with the hopes of retiring a few years earlier than I originally planned,” said Macchione.

New York Lotto has been rolling over ever since this lucky man won $9.500.000 on May 30th. The latest draw that failed to transform someone into a jackpot winner took place on Saturday night. The winning line consisted of the numbers 17, 28, 34, 38, 41 and 52 with the bonus ball 22. Top prize has risen to $6.800.000 after no one managed to hit the jackpot.


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