How long will €100 million last?

How long will €100 million last

We’ve done the maths to reveal how long a true fortune would really last.

We all dream about never having to worry about money again but how long is never? We’ve taken €100 million and figured out just how long it would take to spend all that cash.

Depending on the budget it can be either a long time or a very long time!

It’s fair to say that most people would be able to enjoy themselves on a budget of €1,000 a day, so let’s start there.

Incredibly, it would take you over 273 years to spend all your money if you stuck to that initial budget.

OK – so that’s not going to work. How about we up the stakes with a budget of €10, 000 a day for life?

That would last 27 years.

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If you wanted to go absolutely mental and spend your money like a crazed lunatic then you could blast through a budget of €100, 000 a day in 2.7 years.

But that’s not very clever is it.

So, we’ve worked out a budget for the sensible multi-millionaire of €5,000 a day. That’s enough to last you 54 years, which seems about right.

We decided to speak to Emelie Martennsson, spokesperson for lottery website, in order to get a little more insight.

“There’s no right or wrong way to spend such a huge amount of money, that’s completely down to the individual.

“At the same time, it’s clear to any sane person that spending €100,000 every single day is not exactly a smart thing to do.

“Our best advice if you were to come into such a huge amount of money would be to hire an excellent financial advisor – you’ll certainly be able to afford one.”

That’s is certainly good advice.

Still, if you had all that cash you’d want to really splash out and treat yourself, so, just to give you an idea, here’s three outrageous things you could do if you do if you suddenly had €100 million.

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3 things you could buy if you had €100 million

Have a massive party in space

Virgin Galactic is developing special space planes to take commercial passengers to orbit the earth at the very edge of space within the next few years. Tickets are expected to retail for just over €200,000, meaning that you could purchase a bunch and throw a party that will be remembered forever.

Buy your own private island

You will obviously want to chase the sun as a newly minted multi millionaire, but even the most exclusive resorts can sometimes be ruined by noisy neighbours. To ensure that you find the perfect peaceful getaway destination, you could buy your own island, like Apo in the Philippines.

For €58.1 million, you will own this mountainous idyll, rich in fruit trees and palm-fringed white sandy beaches.

Own your own international wine company

Some people set about assembling a wine cellar when they become wealthy, but you could take that to an extreme thanks to your €100 million fortune. One of the world’s leading wine companies, Naked Wines International Ltd, was recently valued at €96.9 million, which would be within your budget!

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How would you spend €100,000,000?

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