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Virginia woman rolls the dice to a $1.000.000 Powerball win

Virginia woman rolls the dice to a $1.000.000 Powerball win

After Monica Powers won a couple of bucks with one of her old Powerball tickets, she decided to put them back into the game. It proved to be a good choice since the money she invested multiplied and transformed her into the winner of a $1.000.000 windfall.

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Powers matched the winning numbers 5, 14, 31, 40 and 50, but missed the Power Ball 6 on May 2nd. She purchased the winning ticket at 3 Chopt Market located on 7000 Three Chopt Road in her hometown of Richmond. The store ended up receiving $10.000 bonus from the Virginia Lottery for their small contribution to her amazing win. Powers decided to try her luck in that night’s draw after noticing one of her old tickets was worth $16. Instead of spending money on groceries, fortunate woman thought she should roll the dice and that choice made her $1.000.000 richer. After looking at the winning numbers, she noticed they seem very familiar and it didn’t take her long to find out why. Powers’ enthusiasm was infectious when she showed up at the Virginia Lottery’s headquarters in Richmond. She expressed her gratitude by bringing a home-made sign reading, “I love VA. Thank you for a million reasons to love it even more!!!!”

Powers was extremely close to scooping Powerball top prize, but she failed to take it home just like every player after her. Jackpot kept on rolling over and the latest draw that didn’t produce a winner took place on May 12th. The winning line consisted of the numbers 22, 42, 45, 55 and 56 with the Power Ball 14. This game will offer $280.000.000 on Wednesday night, but you could net even more cash with our newly launched Powerball Max!

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