Single ticket holder from Pennsylvania scoops a $456.700.000 Powerball jackpot

2018 is really shaping out to be an amazing year for Powerball enthusiasts, and the second jackpot of the year is almost just as impressive as the first. After over two months of rollovers, one lucky punter from Pennsylvania managed to do what we’ve all been dreaming about. They matched the entire winning combination to snatch a ground-breaking $456.700.000 windfall on Saturday night.

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Numbers that enabled this glorious victory on March 17th were 22, 57, 59, 60 and 66 with the Power Ball 7. The identity of the fortunate participant who correctly guessed them all is still a mystery, but there’s one thing we know for sure – the golden ticket was purchased in the state of Pennsylvania and its owner is currently the 8th richest millionaire in the Powerball history. Saturday was also a lucky night for three tickets holders who missed the jackpot by the Power Ball. Residents of California and Missouri collected $1.000.000 for matching the five main numbers, while one person from Texas scooped $2.000.000 instead thanks to adding the Power Play option to their ticket.

Powerball has been rolling over since January 6th when a mysterious lady of New Hampshire netted $560.000.000. After realizing she’s the winner, the woman accidently signed her name on the back of the ticket and started a legal battle against lottery officials in order to keep her identity a secret. She came out victories and finally claimed her prize two weeks ago. The new-found millionaire immediately donated some of the money to local charities, and her representative stated that’s just the beginning of her philanthropic activities.

Powerball may not be offering a nine-digit jackpot anymore, but you can win a life-changing amount of cash with other lottery games. Mega Millions Max could make you $680.000.000 richer on Tuesday!

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