Anonymous Townsville woman goes crazy after discovering she won $15.000.000

It’s not easy to hide your excitement after finding out you’re about to receive $15.000.000 and Townsville’s latest multi-millionaire wasn’t even trying. The fortunate lady started swearing and even tripped over during her life-changing call with the lottery officials. How would you react after discovering you became $680.000.000 richer? Play Mega Millions Max to find out!

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The fortunate woman, who decided to stay anonymous, correctly guessed the seven main numbers 5, 18, 30, 34, 37, 38 and 41 in the Oz Lotto draw on March 6th. She ended up sharing a $30.000.000 jackpot with another lucky punter who also managed to match all the main numbers that night. The mysterious Townsville resident checked her numbers after hearing media reports about the $15.000.000 winning ticket being sold in her area.

“I’ve got to get up off the floor. It’s a shock. It’s a big amount. I heard them say on the radio something about a prize not claimed and I thought ‘I wonder.’ It hasn’t sunk in yet,” explained the woman after receiving the call from the lottery officials.

The fortunate lady said this victory came just at the right time and added she intends to use the money to help out her loved ones. They never had this kind of money at their disposal and it will allow them to put their financial worries to rest.

“I’ve never had that much. We were never sort of that lucky – but maybe the luck has turned. I’ll just sit down and think about it for a few months, rather than rush into anything,” said the $15.000.000 winner.

She bought the winning ticket at the newsXpress Garbutt Central, and her victory inspired many lotto players to try their luck at this store, according to its owner Ken Ivers.

“It was a busy day yesterday with lots of people coming on in to get an entry because it was such a big jackpot. This is the second time we’ve sold a division one winning entry. The last one was in December 2015 and won just over $1.000.000. This is just a little bit more!” said Ivers.

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