Multilotto Launches Live Roulette

Players from Spain and the UK share a spectacular €175.000.000 jackpot


Euromillions UK ticketholder wins £15.7m jackpot

This Friday will be a night to remember for two lotto enthusiast from Spain and the UK. Their lives will be forever changed thanks to a mesmerizing €175.000.000 jackpot they shared that night. After their amazing victory, the top prize has been reset to €17.000.000.

The winning numbers that turned these two ticket holders into Europe’s newest multi-millionaires were 10, 17, 18, 28 and 47 with the Lucky Stars 3 and 7. They ended up snatching around €88.860.000 each, as almost 4.785.000 lotto aficionados around the continent celebrated smaller victories. Most notably, five participants (two from Spain, two from France and one from Belgium) who missed the jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars won €485.000 each. February 23rd wasn’t one of the luckiest days in Euromillions history only because it produced two jackpot winners. 25 players all across Europe celebrated becoming millionaires, after correctly guessing the winning codes in the special European Millionaire Maker draw. The list of winners includes seven players from Spain, five from the UK, four from both France and Belgium, three from Portugal and one in Switzerland and Ireland. The UK Millionaire Maker draw produced additional two winners of £1.000.000, who correctly guessed the codes JLVT94671 and VLVR41571.

Friday wasn’t such a lucky night for lotto aficionados on the other side of the Atlantic. Mega Millions rolled over again, since no one managed to correctly guess the winning line consisting of the numbers 7, 11, 13, 19 and 58 with the Mega Ball 9. Three players came really close to becoming jackpot winners on February 23rd, as they matched the five main numbers. Two residents of New York collected $1.000.000 each, while one ticket holder from Illinois won $4.000.000 after adding Megaplier to their ticket. Try succeeding where they’ve failed on Tuesday night – match the entire winning combination to become $222.000.000 richer!

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