Three Ways To Spend A Casino Jackpot Win

Three Ways To Spend A Casino Jackpot Win
Three Ways To Spend A Casino Jackpot Win

It’s late at night, you press that flashy button, you watch those cherries, berries, bananas and numbers spin with eager eyes, and there it is…Jackpot! A flood of colours and sounds overcomes you and frozen like a Fish Finger you just keep staring at your screen.

Your palms are sweaty and you are very careful on what to do next. You take a screenshot, take a saunter around the living room and double-check your account. You wait for someone to contact you to make sure the win is real but your mind does not stand still and you’re already thinking about what to do with all that money.

A Pool of Jelly

It’s always been on your mind and now you can really do it. But first you need a pool and why not get a sweet mansion right next to it. Hollywood Hills sounds good, so let’s fork out a couple of million on the house next to the desired swimming pool. Time to do the maths. How much jelly powder do you need for a 30,000 gallon pool? With the maths and the order of the desired flavour out of the way, why not invite friends and family over to help you stir and enjoy this childhood dream together? For good or for bad, this is going to be an experience that everyone taking part will never forget.

The Good Samaritan

 Having lots of money should help you at least with one thing. Not to worry about having no money. So why not share and spread some monetized happiness. Giving something to people in need at a time when they least expect it is a great feeling and something that stays with you. It’s so much better than just throwing it at a faceless charity or institution. Spend some time around your lucky victims first and see how the life in a homeless shelter looks like before you take action. Turn a gratuity into a life changing experience for someone or take the residents of an elderly home for a trip to the theatre. Watch out though, you might get addicted to doing good for others.

The Big Spender

Like the song says, “…a man of distinction, a real big spender.” Fully clad in designer clothes, drenched in the smell of success – every step you take is like an event that’s attracting onlookers in a 10 feet radius. When you make your way through a crowd it appears like Moses parting the sea. Half the people are astonished to be in your presence, and the rest has to hold on not to throw themselves at your feet. Where others are in good relation with their dentist you have your personal plastic surgeon. Torturing yourself on a Gym treadmill is a thing of the past. Every little extra pound you put on is sucked away and every inch of flabby skin neatly tucked in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Everyone loves you…or at least that’s what you’ve been told and the people that want to hang with you won’t fit in your private jet. You seem to leave a trail of banknotes wherever you travel and you love to make sure that everyone around is having a good time or at least the best time money can buy.

Have you thought about what you’d do with a big win? There is only one way to find out. Why not squeeze those wheels for some tasty treats and carve your own path with one of these daily Jackpots?

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