Oregon resident celebrates a $1.000.000 Powerball win with a cup of coffee

Oregon resident celebrates a $1.000.000 Powerball win with a cup of coffee

Oregon resident celebrates a $1.000.000 Powerball win with a cup of coffee

Oregon resident celebrates a $1.000.000 Powerball win with a cup of coffee

There are many ways to compose yourself after discovering you’re about to receive $1.000.000, and James Wright did what most people do after waking up in the morning and facing whatever the next day may bring. He prepared a nice cup of coffee, and checked his lottery numbers again after he was done drinking it – that was when he was completely sure he’s Oregon’s latest Powerball winner. Wright was only one digit away from snatching the jackpot, but you could succeed where he failed in the next draw. Buy your ticket HERE for a chance to become $700.000.000 richer!

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The lucky Oregon resident correctly guessed the five main numbers 14, 25, 35, 58 and 69, but missed the Power Ball 24 in the Powerball draw on January 13th. His winning ticket was purchased at the 7-Eleven store located on Willamette Drive in his hometown of West Linn, which received a $10.000 bonus for selling it. Wright checked the numbers on the morning after the draw, but wasn’t sure he’s seeing things right so he decided to have a cup of coffee to clear his mind.

“I got up and looked at the ticket and decided to check the numbers from my phone. I was bleary-eyed because it was early. I saw I missed the Power Ball, but then the numbers matched up. I thought it couldn’t be right. So I had some coffee and checked again,” recalled the $1.000.000 winner.

After checking the ticket for the second time, he was finally ready to share the lucky news – he woke up his wife saying, “We have something special here.” Wright didn’t share any plans when it comes to spending the prize money, probably because the whole experience was “very surreal” and he needs some time to think about the best thing to do going forward.

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