Staffordshire man hides a £1.000.000 winning ticket in his wife’s underwear drawer

Staffordshire man hides a £1.000.000 winning ticket in his wife_s underwear drawer

When someone plays lottery the old-fashioned way, the fear of losing or forgetting about the ticket is always present. That’s why Melvynn Wright started looking for a perfect hiding place after discovering he won £1.000.000 and settled for his wife’s underwear drawer.

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The fortunate man bought his winning Euromillions ticket at the One Stop Shop on Newcastle Road in Madeley, and ended up scooping £1.000.000  in the UK Millionaire Maker draw  on December 29th. Retired transport manager formed a family syndicate all the way back in 1994, and it was always his plan to share the money with his wife Anne and his daughters Joanne, who works as a science teacher, Paula, a baker, and Melanie and Nicola, who are both care workers.

“I always said I would win one day. I just had to keep the faith. I also said that no matter if I won or in the syndicate, I would share the winnings with the girls and their families, that’s what a father does,” explained Mr. Wright.

His daughter Paula described the victory as the “best thing to ever happen to the family” since their parents went through a lot and always worked tirelessly to support them. The couple intends to spend some of the money to buy a mobility scooter for Anne, who suffers from chronic lung disease and went through a breast cancer treatment in 2002. They have a total of ten grandchildren, and their daughters’ priority is to help them out.

“He’s always been full of hope and now his dream has come true. We have kids to put through university and they all want to get on the property ladder. It is such good news,” said winner’s daughter Joanne, who received a £166.666 share of the prize, just as her sisters.

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