$1.000.000 lotto winner wakes up his whole family to share the lucky news

$1.000.000 lotto winner wakes up his whole family to share the lucky news
$1.000.000 lotto winner wakes up his whole family to share the lucky news

Sleeping is the last thing on your mind when you discover you became $1.000.000 richer – at least according to Virginia resident Marcus Cobb. This fortunate man started yelling around the house trying to wake up his family members and tell them they’re about to receive an incredible lottery windfall. You could also share amazing news with your nearest and dearest after the next Powerball draw – play now to snatch $700.000.000!

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The fortunate man was one of millions of players who tried scooping a $451.000.000 jackpot in Mega Millions draw on January 5th. Shane Missler is the only one who managed to correctly guess all the winning numbers that night, but Mr. Cobb came extremely close to doing the same thing. He missed the jackpot by the Mega Ball number with the ticket he purchased at the Shell/E & C store on Gideon Drive in Woodbridge and was rewarded with the $1.000.000 prize.

He didn’t check the numbers right away, because he heard that the jackpot was won somewhere else. When he finally decided to take a look at his ticket, Cobb was astonished to find out he matched the five main winning numbers.

“I looked at my ticket and I was stunned. I looked at the ticket again and again, and then I started yelling to wake everyone up!” said the fortunate man, who will use the money to fund his children’s college educations.

Mega Millions hasn’t produced a jackpot winner since January 5th, and the latest draw took place on Friday night. The winning numbers were 3, 17, 23, 49 and 66 with the Mega Ball 23, and the person who came the closest to correctly guessing them was one player from California who collected a Match 5 prize worth $1.000.000. After another rollover on January 19th, the jackpot reached $63.000.000.

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