First Mega Millions jackpot of the year worth $450.000.000 goes to Florida

First Mega Millions jackpot of the year worth $450.000.000 goes to Florida
First Mega Millions jackpot of the year worth $450.000.000 goes to Florida

Mega Millions enthusiasts have been trying to snatch the jackpot for months without any success, but their luck turned as soon as 2018 rolled around. One fortunate player from the Sunshine State snatched $450.000.000 on Friday night, becoming the first Megamillionaire of the year!

The winning line that led a single ticket holder from Florida to this incredible victory consisted of the numbers 28, 30, 39, 59 and 70 with the Mega Ball 10. Mega Millions draw on January 5th was extremely lucky since it also brought impressive cash rewards of smaller value to several players around the US. Match 5 prizes were collected by two punters from Texas, two residents of Oklahoma, and another four lotto aficionados from California, Massachusetts, Tennessee and Virginia. Six of these players scooped the usual $1.000.000 pay-out for missing the jackpot by the Mega Ball number, while another two netted $3.000.000 thanks to adding the optional Megaplier to their tickets.

Mega Millions draw on Friday night was the first time this game produced a jackpot winner since October 13th. After recent changes that came into effect shortly after that draw, odds of winning the jackpot decreased from 1 in 258.9 million to 1 in 302.6 million. Mystery punter from Florida is the first person who managed to beat these odds and claim the fourth largest windfall in Mega Millions history. The biggest prize this game ever offered amounted to $656.000.000 – it was shared between three residents of Kansas, Illinois and Maryland on March 30th 2012. The record for the highest windfall collected by a single ticket holder is held by an anonymous couple from Indiana, who matched all the winning numbers on July 8th 2016 to become $536.000.000 richer.

Mega Millions may not be offering a nine-digit jackpot anymore, but Powerball is! Try your luck with this game to take $570.000.000 home!

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