10 Casino Slot Machine Myths Destroyed

10 Casino Slot Machine Myths Destroyed

10 Casino Slot Machine Myths Destroyed

10 Casino Slot Machine Myths Destroyed

The world of online slots, like the casino industry as a whole, is full of beliefs that sometimes become myths. Whether it’s about hot and cold slot machines or the most profitable hours to play during the day, the abundance of misinformation out there remains overwhelming.

We have picked out ten of the most persistent slot machine myths that most players will have heard during their slot adventures. Join us in our countdown to find out if some of these myths make a part of your warm-up routine before a thrilling online slot session.

10. Chanting a mantra before or during the spin brings good fortune

We start off our list with a myth that maybe exemplifies pure superstition better than any other. Usually chanted right before or at the beginning of a spin, mantras are for some players a conscious part of their slot-spinning routine. For others, they might be a subconscious wish such as “come on” or “let’s go”, cried out only occasionally in the heat of the battle. Unfortunately, the programming skills of game developers have yet to reach the level where they could install varying degrees of empathy into slot machines. As a result, the slot is unable to reward above average wins to players that consistently and politely ask for just a tiny bit more. Online casinos have certainly made life easier for the most vocal of slot players – at least now you don’t have to worry about the funny looks you might get while playing!

9. Changing the stake has an effect on how frequently the slot hands out wins

If you’ve played your fair share of slot machines, you’ve probably come across this situation more than once. You’ve just lowered the stake and then it happens. You hit a nice winning combination but the problem is obvious – your previous stake would have returned the investment more handsomely. Did you win just because you lowered the stake? The answer is no. Slot machines use a random number generator (RNG) that approaches every game round as an individual event. In other words, the slot doesn’t remember what your stake was the previous round. The logic also works the other way around. If you increase the stake and happen to have a few losing rounds, don’t worry. The slot is not punishing you for going for the big win.

8. This particular slot is due for a big win

Next up on our list is a recurrent favourite both online and in land-based casinos. The idea of hitting a big win after a losing streak has probably existed since the very first slots were invented. The theory behind this fallacy is that slots are supposed to balance out their payouts by compensating losing streaks with a big win and vice versa. It’s true that slots have a payout percentage that is realised over a large enough sample size – but the fluctuations experienced by a single player are random and have nothing to do with the player’s previous wins or losses.

7. After a jackpot is won, the slot will go cold

This next myth is just another reflection of random events taking place. When it comes to slots, lightning really can strike twice in the same spot – and it can happen right after a jackpot was won. Statistically speaking, hot and cold slots do not exist. The streak, be it a winning or losing one, exists only in the player’s mind – despite what your slot-loving grandma might tell you.

6. Some times of the day or week are more profitable to play than others

We’ve all had those slot sessions. The Wilds simply keep on stacking up on the screen, and the bonus rounds constantly take you to explore the different features of the game. After a session like that, you might pay closer attention to details, such as the time of the day, to try to replicate the winning session. The bad news is that slot machines are not programmed to return more money to players based on time of the day. The good news is that for the same reason, you have an equal chance of success whenever you log in and start playing!

5. Playing the same slot increases the probability of winning

Every slot enthusiast has their favourite game to spin on. Coming back to the same game over and over again, you may feel like the game should reward you for your loyalty. But remember what we said about the random number generator not having a memory? Well, for that reason your chance of winning from any particular slot doesn’t increase or decrease over time. Which leads us to the next myth on our list.

4. New players have a better chance of winning than regular customers

This one is the antithesis of the previous myth – yet both are equally worthy of having a place on this list. Ever felt like you’re winning because you just opened an account? According to the myth, slot machines are programmed to award more winning spins to new customers as a way of turning them into regular customers. While random number generators cannot be applied to serve such a specific cause, there is a pinch of truth to this one. Any new customer playing with a welcome bonus has a theoretical edge over a regular customer playing without one.

3. There is nothing the player can do to affect their win rate

We already mentioned bonuses as a way of increasing one’s chances of winning. There are other factors to consider, such as the payout percentage of the slot in question. It is also worth noting that the payout percentage can be identical in two slots, but it can be distributed in different ways. The payout percentage is spread out more evenly in slots that don’t have a huge jackpot. Instead of a life-changing jackpot, these slots usually offer better chances of winning decent amounts of cash. It is up to you, the player, to decide which win to go for.

2. Using the autoplay function causes bad luck

As we approach the end of our list, we find the modern day equivalent of pushing the “spin” button instead of pulling the lever when playing in a land-based casino. No one really knows where the superstition stems from, but a lot of people believe that pulling lever is the right way to play a Vegas-style slot machine. The same goes for clicking the “spin” button instead of using the autoplay function online. In both examples, the action that requires more physical effort from the player is considered the “authentic” way to play. Which is your preference?

1.”If only I had chosen red instead of black”

The first prize on our list goes to the slot machine myth that has likely caused more mental pain than any other. It only manifests itself in games that have some kind of a gamble function after a player wins. In one of the most common gamble functions, the player can try a “double or nothing” type of a game by guessing the colour of the playing card. And of course, if the guess turns out to be wrong, there is that lingering thought – should have chosen the other option. Comforting news coming up for every gamble function lover out there: the random number generator has already decided your fate before you click the button. In other words, there are no good or bad choices when you use the gamble function.

That’s it for our list of the ten most common slot machine myths. From chanting mantras to tricky double-up decisions, online slots can create many situations for superstition and false beliefs. In case we left out your favourite slot machine myth, remember to post it in the comments below. May your spins be mythless and your wins monstrous!

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