Ontario man celebrates $1.000.000 victory after playing the lottery for two decades

Ontario man celebrates $1.000.000 victory after playing the lottery for two decades
Ontario man celebrates $1.000.000 victory after playing the lottery for two decades

People who’ve been playing the lottery for years without winning any major prizes sometimes tend to give up, but for many others it becomes a fun habit that keeps their sprit up. Dale Brissette is one of those who remained optimistic and it finally paid off after twenty years of buying lottery tickets when he snatched $1.000.000. If you’ve also been playing for decades without any success, now may be your time – try your luck with Powerball to become $229.000.000 richer!

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Mr. Brissette snatched a guaranteed $1.000.000 prize in the Lotto 6/49 draw on December 2nd with a ticket he purchased at the Petro-Canada gas station on Huron Church Road in Windsor. Two days after the draw took place, lottery officials announced that the winning ticket was sold in his hometown. Brissette’s wife Tamara was the one who noticed news reports about it, and texted her husband to remind him to check his numbers. He immediately opened the lottery app, only to discover he’s about to receive life-changing amount of cash.

“I checked my phone and calculated how many years it would take to make $1.000.000. Winning this prize means living life a little more carefree,” said the 45-year-old winner.

What makes Brissette’s lotto victory even more special is the fact he’s been trying to become lottery millionaire for over two decades. This win will allow him to clear his debts, complete renovations on his home and travel to Australia.

“It’s a wonderful feeling knowing that we are going to be debt-free,” said the fortunate man after collecting his windfall at the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation’s prize centre.

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