$19.100.000 winner shows up for work, but his friends tell him to go home

$19.100.000 winner shows up for work, but his friends tell him to go home
$19.100.000 winner shows up for work, but his friends tell him to go home

Going back to work one day after discovering you are $19.100.000 richer isn’t something most people would do, but one man from New Zealand is a rare exception to this rule. He showed up at his workplace shortly after becoming lottery millionaire, but his colleagues advised him it’s maybe best to go home and enjoy his victory. You would never have to worry about your job again if you managed to match all the Powerball numbers in the next draw – a mesmerizing $229.000.000 windfall awaits!

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The man who wished to remain anonymous matched the winning numbers 5, 8, 12, 18, 28 and 36 with the Power Ball 5 in New Zealand’s Lotto draw on November 22th. He had a busy weekend and didn’t hear the news about the ticket worth $19.100.000 being sold in his hometown right away. He decided to check his numbers while grabbing something for dinner at a local supermarket a few days later, and tried to keep his cool after the store clerk informed him he’s about to receive $19.100.000.

“I thought I was doing a good job of holding it all together, but as soon as I started driving my mind began to spin. I just had all these thoughts rushing around,” recalled the fortunate man.

Before sharing the news with his wife, the winner decided to clear his mind by taking a swim at Snells Beach. It gave him enough time to think about what he wanted to tell her, and all the great things the future now holds for them.

“It was great, the water was cool and I swam out deep. All the rushing thoughts disappeared and I started to feel a lot calmer,” said the $19.100.000 winner, and added he’ll let things settle down a bit before making any big decisions.

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