The most expensive bottle of wine in the world sells for $350.000


The most expensive bottle of wine in the world sells for $350.000
The most expensive bottle of wine in the world sells for $350.000

True wine enthusiasts are ready to shell out significant amount of money to enjoy a good glass of their favourite beverage, but one collector from Mississippi really went overboard. The mysterious buyer was ready to pay $350.000 to become the owner of the most expensive wine bottle in the world.

It’s widely known that wine just gets better with age, so it would be safe to assume that the most expensive bottle of wine was produced a couple of decades or even centuries ago. Surprisingly enough, that’s not the case. This title now belongs to a 2015 Setting Wines Alexander Valley Cabernet Sauvignon, which was purchased by an anonymous buyer from Mississippi who put aside $350.000 to add it to their collection. It was sold at the Emeril Lagasse Foundation auction in New Orleans – this event was responsible for raising a total of $3.500.000 for children’s charities.

Renowned winemaker Jesse Katz produced this exquisite wine for Hollywood agent Shep Gordon – he ordered two barrels of custom blends created specifically for him, and ended up donating one of the bottles. He’s not the only person involved in the entertainment industry who had the pleasure of enjoying Katz’s custom-made wines. The list of his clients also includes NFL player Von Miller, and A-list couple Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel, who are actually Katz’s personal friends. He even created a custom wine for their wedding in 2012, called Blue Ocean Floor.

You could also afford having a wine cellar of your own, filled with dozens of custom blends if you had $177.000.000 at your disposal. Play Powerball and this life-changing windfall could be yours!

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