Get ready for snatching €195.000.000 with Powerball on Wednesday

Get ready for snatching €195.000.000 with Powerball on Wednesday
Get ready for snatching €195.000.000 with Powerball on Wednesday

Lotto enthusiasts on both sides of the Atlantic spent the last couple of weeks fantasizing about becoming multi-millionaires, but it’s a dream that transforms into a reality only for the luckiest of people. If you consider yourself one of them, there’ still time to collect a mind-blowing fortune before this year comes to a close – try your luck with Powerball to snatch a spectacular $212.000.000 jackpot!

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This latest Powerball draw that didn’t turn anyone into a millionaire took place on December 6th. The winning numbers were 19, 20, 50, 55 and 62 with the Power Ball 9. They proved as very unlucky since no one even managed to correctly guess the five main numbers. However, almost 700.000 of players who participated in Wednesday night’s draw collected prizes of smaller cash value, totalling to around $4.940.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

Powerball jackpot hasn’t been won since October 25th when one ticket holder from Louisiana pocketed $191.000.000. The name of the winner still remains a mystery, but it’s known that the golden ticket was sold at the Brownie’s Shop Rite in Eunice, which received a $25.000 bonus for selling it. The store owner Jeff Duplechin said he’s 90% certain he knows the winner personally, since it’s one of their regular customers, but refused to share any information about their identity. Cashier Rachel Simmons was the one who sold the ticket to the fortunate individual and said she wishes them the best of luck.

“I’m excited for the people who won. I hope they spend it wisely, and congratulations whoever it is. I’m glad I could be a part of it,” said Ms. Simmons when the reporters visited their store shortly after the victory took place.

Lottery games aren’t the only way to win loads of money in a blink of an eye – try your luck with our casino games such as Mega Moolah and a $2.950.000 prize could be yours!

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