Yggdrasil Gaming Casino Review and Popular Slots

Yggdrasil Gaming Casino Review and Popular Slots

Yggdrasil Gaming has quickly become a noteworthy name in the i-gaming sphere in the past few years, despite not being the easiest to pronounce.

The name alone is enough to rouse excitement, though. Taken from Scandinavian mythology, Yggdrasil refers to an ancient ash tree, which was believed to be the home of mythical creatures such as dragons. The game software provider itself is based pretty far away – Malta, to be precise, which is as culturally opposite to Scandinavia as it gets – but that in itself accentuates the kind of inspiration and creativity you’ll find in these games.

The name alone is not enough, of course – so what we’re really applauding when we talk of Yggdrasil Gaming are brilliant graphics, innovate gaming features, and some really enticing progressive jackpot payouts. As you’ll soon see, it’s really no wonder that its wide range of games has found its way to some of the world’s biggest gaming operators.

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Yggdrasil Gaming History

Yggdrasil Gaming is not quite as old as its namesake. In fact, the company has only been around since 2013, which is pretty impressive considering the momentum Yggdrasil already has.

Perhaps much of this momentum is thanks to the company’s resourcefulness. Though headquartered in Malta, Yggdrasil also holds offices in Poland and Gibraltar, while holding licenses in Malta, the United Kingdom, as well as Romania.

Yggdrasil’s not-so-secret weapon, though, is that the company was founded by none other than Fredil Elmqvist, who brought years of experience to the table from his days as a CEO of NetEnt. Now, NetEnt is pretty gargantuan, of course. We’re not saying that to compare both companies – but Elmqvist must have had some serious faith in Yggdrasil to start an entity like this after NetEnt.

That faith definitely paid off. In just a few years, Yggdrasil’s games made their way to some huge operators. Beyond this, the company’s merits also saw Yggdrasil win some very prestigious awards.

Specifically, Yggdrasil won the Software Rising Star title at the 2015 EGR B2B Awards, as well as the Slot Provider of the Year title the following year, during the 2016 EGR B2B Awards. In fact, this year was a pretty good one for Yggdrasil, as the 2016 International Gaming Awards also presented Yggdrasil with the Gaming Software Supplier of the Year award.

In other words, Yggdrasil’s history may be short, but it sure is rich, and top i-gaming institutions seem to agree!

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What Makes Yggdrasil Slots Great?

There’s no point in raving about Yggdrasil’s games if we don’t tell you what makes them special! Beyond the crisp graphics, there are quite a few gameplay features you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

Still, this section is more about the behind-the-scenes stuff happening in Yggdrasil’s slots that you’d take for granted if we didn’t tell you about it. This is definitely the case with Yggdrasil’s iSense 2.0 platform.

Despite the name, iSense 2.0 is not an Apple exclusive product. In fact, the whole scope of iSense is that it allows players to use Yggdrasil’s slots on every imaginable platform with complete ease.

Thanks to iSense 2.0, when you play Yggdrasil’s games you get faster loading times, with an average time of a mere 6.5 seconds. You also are guaranteed an even level of quality whether playing on your mobile screen or on your desktop screen. Playing on either device doesn’t have to be a compromise!

Yggdrasil also has some pretty brilliant ideas in the way of promotional deals, which makes your experience quite heightened when playing its slots through other operators. For example, Yggdrasil has developed Super Free Spins, a concept aimed to improve on the standard free spins players have come to expect from other game providers.

Super Free Spins work on the basis of a ‘spin until you win’ ethos – and we don’t think any gamer can complain about the prospect of guaranteed wins! This is just one of the initiatives undertaken by Yggdrasil to make its slots even more of a joy to play.

Popular Yggdrasil Games

Joker Millions

Joker Millions is no joke! What Yggdrasil attempted to create with this game is a progressive slot that has more substance to the gameplay than just the jackpot (which is a pretty impressive jackpot, make no bones about it). They definitely succeeded!

The massive jackpot, of course, is bound to be most people’s point of interest. The jackpot spin is activated by getting a joker symbol on each reel.

Still, we urge you to take notice of other cool features here, such as the freeze and re-spin feature, which basically keeps winning symbols in place during subsequent rounds to increase wins!

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Double Dragons

If your speed with regard to online slots comes in the form of bombastic 3D graphics and soundtracks, Double Dragons is for you!

Sure, Double Dragons might have a pretty standard 5-reel, 25-payline layout, but the features here are anything but standard. Stacked wild reels are the order of the day here, as these can amass up to 28 symbols in one stack. Stacked reels include dragon head wilds. Collecting nine of these activate the free spins feature.

Also plenty of fun here is the Double Dragons feature, which unleashes two stacked wild reels after winning four rounds consecutively. In free spins mode, you only need two consecutive wins to activate it!

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Empire Fortune

One of Yggdrasil’s newer titles, Empire Fortune is another global progressive jackpot game, but it’s not a carbon copy of Joker Millions, which we can’t help but respect.

This game is home to a special ‘hold’ feature which lets players hold two special symbols into the subsequent round, giving them another chance to hit that needed third symbol. You can even activate a spin on the jackpot wheel this way!

There’s also a pretty explosive bonus game that contains a fireworks feature that sends rockets flying onto the wheel – you’ll get prizes depending on where they land!

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Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?

When it comes to big wins, Joker Millions is Yggdrasil’s crowning jewel, although newer slots games might change that. At any rate, they’ve got big shoes to fill. How big?

Oh, not much – only around €2.9 million! At least, that’s what the jackpot paid out in July 2016. What’s even crazier is that the Norwegian winner, who was lazily playing while waiting for his girlfriend to finish buying apples, only placed a wager of €1.25! You don’t get success stories that are more effortless than that.

How do you like them apples? Pretty well, we would imagine. Although the Joker Million jackpot has never gotten that high before and hasn’t gotten there again yet, there are a few more win stories that are nothing to scoff at. Almost a year ago, the jackpot paid out €460,000, while just a few months before that the first winner of the Joker Million jackpot got a handsome win of €720,000.

Give Yggdrasil A Go With Bonus Money

Yggdrasil Gaming is in a curious position because we’re all rooting for the company, and yet despite only been around for a few years it’s not exactly an underdog in the i-gaming scene either. With time, we’re positive that Yggdrasil can only get better, but we already have no problem at all with recommending their great games to anyone right now.

Plus, Yggdrasil has already proven itself to be an insightful entity ready to develop relevant innovations within the i-gaming sphere. Here, we’re not talking about a new games provider that needs time to find its feet. We’re talking about a new games provider that knows exactly what it’s doing.

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