Versace Tower to open in London, with apartments worth up to £13.500.000

Versace Tower to open in London, with apartments worth up to £13.500.000
Versace Tower to open in London, with apartments worth up to £13.500.000

Versace is one of the most renowned brands in fashion industry, but they’re breaking new grounds with one of their latest endeavours – Versace Tower in London. This luxurious skyscraper, also known as AYKON London One, is expected to be completed in 2020, and many of the apartments have already been sold despite the staggering £13.500.000 price tag.

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Rising 50 storeys, London’s first branded high rise will be located in the prestigious Nine Elms area, which is transforming into one of the most glamorous residential and business districts in the city. Noora Al Sohail, a relationship manager for Aykon International Real Estate Services, said “the British do not feel like overpaying for the brand” but that doesn’t mean that the Versace Tower will be lacking home owners.

Versace Tower London

170 of 360 homes in this ritzy building have already been sold, mostly to overseas buyers from the Gulf States, Hong Kong, Russia, Iran and Pakistan. According to Al Sohail, most of them already own several homes, so it’s possible they don’t intend to move to their new apartments. What makes this location so appealing to them is the tower’s close proximity to foreign embassies and its connection to Versace.

“It makes a massive difference. As a girl who loves to shop I know how important it is to be able to live in a tower called Versace. It is a very positive message for those who like brands,” explained Al Sohail.

Versace Tower London

Apartments are expected to be equipped with furnishings from the Versace Home range, each of them boosting the ‘V’ logo inlaid in marble at the entrance. Other amenities in the building, such as a gym, swimming pool, roof garden and cinema will be designed by the luxury fashion house, too. Small studios can be bought for around £750.000, but those who want to enjoy the most breath-taking views in London will have to cash out £13.500.000 for the flats located on the top floor.

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