Financial hardships are over for a €500.000 Euromillions winner from Cork

Financial hardships are over for a €500.000 Euromillions winner from Cork
Financial hardships are over for a €500.000 Euromillions winner from Cork

One resident of Cork spent a lot of time working long hours and living from pay check to pay check, but he’s no longer under financial pressure thanks to a €500.000 Euromillions victory. This amazing prize will allow him to transform his life, clear all debts, secure the future of his family and make some of their dreams come true.

The anonymous winner purchased the lucky ticket at O’Reilly’s Maxol service station located on Watercourse Road in Blackpool. After confirming his victory with the lottery officials via phone call, he told his kids to go outside so he could talk to their mum, who wasn’t expecting any good news at that point.

“Month to month things have been tight and we’re always looking at where we can save money and even look to do overtime where I can. Immediately she thought that I had lost my job so I had to reel her in for a minute and then just told her we’d won half a million,” explained the Cork resident.

The winner said this victory will allow his family to plan for the future, and they’ll be putting their kids first. In addition to saving the money for their college education, the couple also intends to take them on a dream holiday to Disneyland in Paris.

“A few days have now passed and both of us are awake every night talking about this win. I’m still waiting for someone to wake me up from this dream. We’re going to clear the mortgage and put money aside for our children’s college fund and towards securing their futures,” said the €500.000 winner.

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