New Online Casino – Latest Offers for New Customers

New Online Casino - Latest Offers for New Customers
New Online Casino – Latest Offers for New Customers

New online casino latest offers for new customers. Use our exclusive deposit bonuses, free spins and bonus money to start your casino experience in

Update: Very soon Gaming Innovation Group will be launching a new casino called, targeting players with deep pockets.

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Highroller Online Casino will work as a game in itself. Players will be able to build their own character and customize their own personal avatar, but thats not all. Here are some likely features for the upcoming casino.

  • Players will be able to earn Coins. (loyalty points to collect bonuses, free spins, free money etc.)
  • Players will be able to loot coins from others.
  • Players will likely be able to take part in “heists”. We are not exactly sure how this will work.
  • Players will be able to win free spins and rewards and also collect “casino stuff”.
  • There will be thousands of “districts” available. Exactly what meaning this has we don’t know for sure.
  • There will be “unique tournaments”. It’s very likely that these tournaments will involve some sort of social experience and be as fast as tournaments in Rizk Casino.

Gaming Innovation Group

There is not much information about the new casino site Highroller yet, but as it is the Gaming Innovation Group that is behind this clever invention.

It is most likely not just to be a new slot casino, the best online casino 2018 and a huge online casino for great players, but also one of Europe’s best casino sites.

Gaming Innovation Group is also already known for its VIP programs at casinos like Rizk, Kaboo and Thrills so they know what they’re doing and they’re guaranteed to make this casino a fly!

As long as we have been in the casino industry, it has evolved in a way where one does a whole new thing and quite fast so there are many others who do the same thing.

It is possible that we will see more new online casinos with a focus on players with deep pockets. We also think that the elderly will develop a VIP department and show a little more with it on the website.

Once they have launched, we will update you on more details regarding this casino.

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