€41 Million in today’s EuroMillions draw. Get your FREE tickets!

€ 41 Million in today_s EuroMillions draw. Get your FREE bet

The EuroMillions jackpot fund has soared to € 41.000.000. You could be just 7 correct numbers away from winning it. Any idea what you would buy with that money in your bank account?

You can grab your chance to enter today’s spectacular draw with a free EuroMillions tickets from Multilotto.com.

PlayEuroLotto are offering our readers a special 100% deposit bonus to lottery up to €50 on tonight’s draw – which means you double your chances to win for the price of a single bet! To take advantage of the offer, go to Multilotto.com and select your lucky numbers for your chosen amount of EuroMillions lines.

Important! You need to use a invitation code “TMBONUS” while you register a new account.

The jackpot fund for tonight’s draw has reached this level due to a series of rollovers.

Just a few weeks ago, the game’s maximum jackpot of € 190 million was paid out to one lucky winner in Spain. Since then, players have been buying EuroMillions tickets at an incredible rate. Nobody has won the jackpot since – but you could, by correctly guessing the seven winning numbers for tonight’s draw.

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