Powerball jackpot now at $700 million: How Australian residents can participate

Powerball jackpot now at £504 million: How UK residents can participate

With no winners, the US Powerball lottery rolled over again on Saturday night and the jackpot now stands at an astonishing over $700 million today.

With the Powerball jackpot at such an incredible amount ticket sales have been picking up even more, which will send the jackpots higher still. Eventually, this cycle of increased ticket sales and explosive jackpot growth could lead to a jackpot breakout and another $1 billion plus jackpot within a few weeks.

Online lottery ticket purchasing service Multilotto is already seeing an uptick in Powerball sales as international players rush to secure their entries and a chance to win the world’s largest jackpot.

Services such as Multilotto are also available for Australian players, where it is not economically feasible to travel to the United States to purchase lottery tickets.

Multilotto uses local agents in the United States to buy official lottery tickets on behalf of customers from all over the world. The website charges customers a transaction fee and in return, they receive a scan of any ticket purchased before the draw. No commissions are taken from winning tickets.

Register for free to Multilotto.com and use invitation code “TMBONUS“ and play Powerball in Australia, and you will get 100% deposit bonus to lotto up to $50, thats total of 15 FREE Powerball tickets, total of 450% deposit bonuses to casino, 20 no deposit free spins and 200 free spins more on your first deposit.

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