£148.000.000 Euromillions winner hosts cancelled rock festival in his backyard

£148.000.000 Euromillions winner hosts cancelled rock festival in his backyard

Cancelation of the Cambridge Rock Festival was a very disappointing moment for many fans of rock’n’roll, but everything changed when Adrian Bayford got involved and decided to save the day. The winner of a £148.000.000 Euromillions windfall opened grounds of his Georgian mansion, which proved as a perfect place for hosting this kind of event.

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Organizers of the Cambridge Rock Festival had been considering calling off the 2017 event after their venue cancelled unexpectedly, but they managed to find a new one thanks to Mr. Bayford. Since he owns the music shop called Black Barn Records, the fortunate lotto winner is closely connected to the local music scene. That’s how he found out the festival might be cancelled and decided to host it himself – in his 90-acre estate Horseheath Lodge, located near Linton.

“When I found out the festival had been kicked off their old venue, I had to help. I want people to enjoy themselves. It makes me feel good to see so many people having fun. I have the land, so I’m in a fortunate position where I can help the festival carry on,” said Bayford.

Over 1.000 tickets have been sold for the four-day festival which took place between Thursday and Sunday last week. The list of performers included a total of 80 bands, such as Eddie & The Hotrods, FM, Tygers of Pan Tang and John Otway Big Band. Mr. Bayford said he’s hoping this is only the beginning of a long tradition and that the festival will attract even more music lovers in the years to come.

“The festival will get bigger and better in the future – this year they only had a few months to organise it,” explained Bayford.

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