Canadian woman wins $1.000.000 during her vacation in the US

Canadian woman wins $1.000.000 during her vacation in the US

When Michelle Faysal embarked on a journey to the US last month, she was looking for a way to have some good time, but it turned out to be the holiday she’ll never forget. The fortunate Ontario resident became $1.000.000 richer after buying a few Mega Millions tickets. Follow in her footsteps, and you could pocket even more money – a ground-breaking $346.000.000 windfall awaits!

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Faysal travelled to the US to visit friends with her husband when she decided to try her luck with one of the most popular lottery games in the US. Her ticket was purchased during a stop for gas at the BP gas station at 15255 Hall Road in Macomb Township, and it contained the five main numbers for the Mega Millions draw on July 18th.

“I like playing the lottery when I visit the states, but had never played Mega Millions before. The clerk explained the game to me and I bought five easy pick tickets. We were back in Canada when the drawing took place and I was overcome with joy when I saw I had won such a huge prize,” said the woman, and added she’ll use the money to pay the bills, help out her family and save the rest.

Faysal is one of many people who missed the Mega Millions jackpot by only the Mega Ball number in the last three months. The latest draw that failed to produce a jackpot winner took place on August 4th, when the winning numbers were 9, 17, 25, 63 and 71, with the Mega Ball 4. Even though they didn’t turn anyone into a multi-millionaire, one player from Michigan scooped $1.000.000 for correctly guessing the five main numbers, just like Ms. Faysal.

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