Mega Millions rolls over again, €258.300.000 now up for grabs

Mega Millions rolls over again, €258.300.000 now up for grabs

Mega Millions players around the world have been hoping that the Lady Luck will smile on them for the last three months, but that’s proving to be a difficult task. After another rollover on Tuesday night, this game will offer its largest prize in over a year – buy your ticket HERE and you could end up €258.300.000 richer!

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The last Mega Millions draw that didn’t end with a jackpot victory took place on July 25th, when the winning numbers were 2, 5, 26, 58 and 60, plus the Mega Ball 6. Despite the fact they failed to produce a jackpot winner, one person from California snatched $1.000.000 after correctly guessing the five main numbers. The prizes of smaller value ranged between $15.000 for missing the jackpot by one of the main numbers while using the Megaplier option and $1 for matching the Mega Ball.

Mega Millions top prize hasn’t been this high since July 8th last year, when an anonymous couple from Indiana collected a mesmerizing $536.000.000 windfall. According to the couple’s representative Lauren Littlefield this was the first time they tried their luck with Mega Millions, and decided to stay anonymous in order to keep their lives as simple as possible

“They are completely dedicated to continuing to be who they are. They want their kids to go to the schools they were going to go to anyway. They are very conscious of who are their friends,” said Littlefield.

Mega Millions isn’t the only game offering over $200.000.000 right now – Powerball could also completely transform your life with a spectacular $239.000.000 windfall!

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