£1.000.000 Euromillions winner from Borough of Barnsley has a few days left to come forward

£1.000.000 Euromillions winner from Borough of Barnsley has a few days left to come forward

Even though no one ever thinks it’s possible they’ll fail to realize their lottery ticket won £1.000.000, it happens every once in a while. Some people are fortunate enough to stumble upon their winning ticket only a couple of days before the time runs out, and one Euromillions player from Borough of Barnsley must come forward before  Sunday or their £1.000.000 windfall will be lost forever.

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The mysterious person was one of the five people who had a winning UK Millionaire Maker code in the Euromillions draw on January 31st. Since lotto players from this country have 180 days to come forward, this ticket will expire on July 30th if no one claims it by then. In addition to the cash reward, the ticket holder from the Metropolitan Borough of Barnsley also won a luxurious vacation because the draw took place during the Mega Week. The winner is offered a choice between three amazing destinations – Bali, Thailand or the Maldives.

Another Euromillions Mega Week is taking place right now, and it already created three winners of £1.000.000 in the UK. They also won an opportunity to have a fabulous adventure in Florida – three guests can join each of the winners on this ten-night trip they’ll get to spend in a five-star resort the Hammocks. The winning UK Millionaire Maker codes on July 25th were HKMX98739, XKMZ74040 and ZKNC35866, and the draw on Friday night will create another three winners as well. When it comes to the regular draw, the winning numbers on Tuesday were 12, 14, 43, 44 and 48 with the Lucky Stars 2 and 11. Since no one managed to match them all, the jackpot has rolled over once again, reaching £50.900.000.

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