The UK’s Lotto produces a £12.800.000 jackpot winner

The UK's Lotto produces a £12.800.000 jackpot winner

This weekend wasn’t very lucky for lotto enthusiasts from every corner of the world since majority of the popular games failed to produce jackpot winners, but things were a little bit different in the UK. One fortunate punter correctly matched the winning numbers in the Lotto draw on Saturday night, becoming £12.800.000 richer.

The winning line drawn in the Lotto draw on July 22nd consisted of the numbers 5, 13, 21, 35, 41 and 47 with the bonus ball 23. The six main numbers were matched by one ticket holder who scooped almost £12.800.000 in the process, but Saturday was a lucky night for a few more people, who came really close to hitting the jackpot. Four participants netted a little bit under £20.000 after missing the jackpot by one of the main numbers. There was also one winner of the guaranteed £1.000.000 Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize – their ticket contains the winning code BLUE 3619 9606. After Saturday’s victory the jackpot has been reset to an estimated £1.900.000.

Euromillions players weren’t so fortunate one day earlier, when this game rolled over once again, reaching a £40.000.000 jackpot for Tuesday’s night draw. The numbers drawn on July 21st were 1, 8, 9, 26 and 49, plus the Lucky Stars 5 and 9, but no one managed to match them all. Two ticket holders from Belgium and Spain missed it by one of the Lucky Stars, collecting £470.000 each. Two players from the UK collected £1.000.000 thanks to the Million Maker codes  HJMR07378 and VHMM07545. The highest prize won by British players in a regular draw amounted to £1.300 and it was collected by 13 ticket holders from this country who missed the jackpot of the main numbers.

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