Mega Millions and Powerball both offering over $200.000.000 in the next two days

Mega Millions and Powerball both offering over $200.000.000 in the next two days

Everyone gets excited when Friday rolls around because it means they’ll finally get good rest after exhausting week at work, but for lotto enthusiast it also means they’ll have a chance to change their lives forever in a blink of an eye. Friday and Saturday are the days when the draws of the most spectacular lotto games take place, including Mega Millions and Powerball, and they will both offer magnificent jackpots amounting to over $200.000.000!

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Mega Millions has been rolling over for almost three months, and the last draw that failed to transform someone into a multimillionaire took place on July 18th. The winning numbers were 8, 12, 23, 51 and 73 plus the Mega Ball 6, and one person from Michigan came really close to matching them all. They became $1.000.000 richer after correctly guessing the five main numbers. The prizes of smaller amount ranged between $20.000 for missing the jackpot by one of the main numbers while using the Megaplier option and $1 for matching the Mega Ball. After another rollover, the jackpot has risen again, reaching $248.000.000 this time around!

Powerball players had even less luck one day later, since this game failed to produce both a jackpot and a Match 5 winner. The combination that proved as extremely unfortunate consisted of the numbers 50, 51, 59, 61 and 63, plus the Power Ball 4. This winning line comes to show we should think outside the box when picking our lotto numbers, instead of relying on special dates and always choosing in the range between 1 and 31. Bear this in mind when selecting the digits for Saturday night, and you might end up with $205.000.000 in your pockets.

Trying your luck with one of our casino games could also lead to an enormous fortune – Mega Moolah is probably your best option since it’s currently offering a $1.000.000 prize!

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