These are the luckiest lottery numbers in the world according to a new research

These are the luckiest lottery numbers in the world according to a new research

People have been trying to crack a secret formula to winning the lottery for centuries – from looking for the lucky combinations in fortune cookies and mango trees, to trying to figure it out through complicated mathematical equations. The newest analysis of results of 15 international lotteries seems to have come up with an answer after researching a long list of draws during the past year.

After analyzing nearly 1.500 draws that took place in the last 12 months across 15 international lotteries, the research has come up with the following list of numbers that were most frequently drawn:

  1. 16, drawn 191 times
  2. 22, drawn 179 times
  3. 28, drawn 167 times
  4. 37, drawn 167 times
  5. 6, drawn 166 times
  6. 3, drawn 164 times

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Nature of the individual games, however, must be taken into the account. While some lotteries only have one drum, others use a double matrix meaning that people have to correctly guess two sets of numbers. Sometimes second drum consists of only one bonus ball (in case of Powerball and Mega Millions), while some games have two (Euromillions and Eurojackpot, for example). It’s also important to note players of different games don’t choose between the same range of numbers – for example, Italy’s most popular game SuperEnalotto offers punters with an enormous choice of 90 numbers, making it one of the hardest lotteries to win at the same time.

Yariv Ron, CEO of the company that conducted the research is aware of these facts, and that’s why he advised players to only use it as a way to enhance their strategy in the future.

“Whether it’s choosing numbers based on our kids’ birthdays, ages or other sentimental facts, we should aim to be smarter when picking lottery numbers. Our study of the last 12 months’ draws may not guarantee you a winning ticket this week, but it might change the way you approach the lottery in future and turn your attention to fortunes around the world,” explained Ron.

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