Missouri residents snatched a $1.000.000 Powerball prize on Father_s Day

Missouri residents snatched a $1.000.000 Powerball prize on Father’s Day

Missouri residents snatched a $1.000.000 Powerball prize on Father_s Day

Most dads get symbolic presents and gift cards from their kids on Father’s Day, but that holiday was a little bit different for Mark Weatherspoon this year. That was the day when this fortunate man from Missouri collected a Powerball prize worth $1.000.000, which is probably worth more than all the presents that he’s ever received during this holiday. He’s already thinking of spending the money on helping his family, and so could you – play Mega Millions to net €151.300.000!


Mr. Weatherspoon scooped $1.000.000 in the Powerball draw on June 17th, by matching the five main winning numbers 10, 13, 32, 53 and 62. He only missed the Power Ball 21, thanks to the lucky ticket that was purchased at the QuikTrip store located on Gravois Avenue in St. Louis. The fortunate dad discovered the victory one day after the draw, when his wife wrote down the winning numbers and gave him the list so he could compare them to his.

“He goes and gets his ticket and checks them. And then I hear him stomping down the stairs, and I’m like, ‘What now?’ And he goes, ‘Look. I got a good Father’s Day present.’ And I’m looking at the numbers I wrote down with the ticket, and it’s like, one… two… three… four… five…” recalled Cathleen Weatherspoon.

She described her husband as an avid lottery player, who buys Powerball tickets every Wednesday and Saturday in hope of collecting an enormous fortune. Thanks to this amazing win the couple will finally be able to do some work on their house, help out their family and save the rest.

“We’re all kind of excited. He’s already talking about buying a house for our daughter,” said Ms. Weatherspoon.

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