€100.000.000 Superdraw jackpot scooped by a British punter

€100.000.000 Superdraw jackpot scooped by a British punter

€100.000.000 Superdraw jackpot scooped by a British punter

Announcement of every Euromillions Superdraw creates a lot of excitement around the continent, especially in the UK where this game probably has more fans than their national lotto. That’s the reason why it’s not surprising to hear last night’s Superdraw jackpot worth €100.000.000 went to an extremely lucky player from this country. After their spectacular victory, the top prize has been reset to the minimum sum of €17.000.000.


The combination that enabled the jackpot win on June 30th consisted of the numbers 17, 35, 39, 47 and 50, with Lucky Stars 6 and 8. There was a total of over 3.000.000 Euromillions winners that night, including six people who came very close to hitting the jackpot and missed it by only one of the Lucky Stars. The two of them also come from the UK, while the other two are residents of France and Spain – despite the fact they’re not millionaires thanks to the lottery, a €312.000 pay-out they’ll receive will be just enough to transform some of their dreams into a reality.

Euromillions prize won last night may be enormous, but it’s not the most impressive one this year – that title belongs to a €134.800.000 windfall that was won by a punter from Belgium on June 2nd. British victory on June 30th, however marked the third Euromillions jackpot win for a player from the UK in the year 2017, meaning players from this country were more successful in scooping the top prize than anyone else in the last couple of months.

When it comes to lotteries from across the pond, Friday wasn’t such a lucky night – Mega Millions rolled over once again, reaching $172.000.000!

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