Rockefeller emerald sells to Harry Winston for ground-breaking $5.500.000

Rockefeller emerald sells to Harry Winston for ground-breaking $5.500.000

About a month ago Christie’s Auction house announced the sale of the historic Rockefeller emerald, predicting it could become the most expensive gemstone of its kind ever sold. They weren’t far from the truth – a few days ago the beautiful jewel was acquired by Harry Winston for an astonishing $5.500.000 price. You could afford owning jewellery this expensive after the next Mega Millions draw. Buy your ticket HERE to snatch a life-changing €129.600.000 jackpot!

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There’s a rich history behind this emerald, that John D. Rockefeller purchased back in 1930 as a present for his wife Abby. Back then it was the centrepiece of a brooch he gave her, but after his death in 1948 it was disassembled and the remaining gems were distributed among their kids, including David Rockefeller who inherited the largest one. He turned to a famous jeweller Raymond Yard, so he would transform it into a platinum ring. Unlike most emeralds that require an oil treatment to enhance their brilliance and colour, this one didn’t receive any enhancements since it’s luminous enough on its own.

“This is supremely natural beauty. This truly is the finest emerald that’s ever come up for sale at auction, or anywhere else in the world,” said Christie’s international head of jewellery, Rahul Kadakia.

After the auction took place, it turned out Mr. Kadakia’s prediction was almost true – the Rockefeller emerald broke the record for the most expensive emerald per carat ever sold at auction. It was acquired by Harry Winston, as a part of this company’s journey to open a museum in New York, showcasing important historic stones and jewellery.

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