Irish couple wins €250.000, keeps it a secret from literally everyone

Irish couple wins €250.000, keeps it a secret from literally everyone

Not every lottery winner reacts in the same way after collecting their amazing windfall – some want to share the news with everyone, while others are ready to hide it from the whole world. One fortunate couple from Dublin falls into the second category – they recently scooped €250.000 and decided it’s better if they don’t tell anyone, including their kids. Keeping a gigantic lotto victory a secret isn’t always easy, especially when a €129.800.000 jackpot is at stake. Play Mega Millions and that’s exactly how much you could win!

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The fortunate couple matched the winning numbers 9, 14, 17, 21, 25 and 27 with the bonus ball 1 in Ireland’s Lotto + 2 draw on June 21st. The husband decided to check their ticket while at work the next day, and a message popped up informing him he should get in touch with the lottery officials.

“It was a surreal experience because I knew I had won a significant amount of money but I couldn’t celebrate or tell anybody. I found a quiet corner of the office to call my wife and I quietly whispered down the phone that we’d just won a quarter of a million euro,” recalled the husband.

The couple said they’d love to do some traveling and “spend some time seeing more of the world together”. They will also use some of the money to help out their kids, even though they don’t intend to inform them how they acquired it.

“We literally haven’t told anybody about our lotto win, including our own family. It’s just a lovely sum of money for us to win and it allows us to make some nice little changes in our lives. We will of course help our children with deposits for houses and whatnot but I don’t think they’ll ever know that their parents are lotto winners,” explained the husband.

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