Ottawa resident will invest $22.000.000 into betterment of his community

Ottawa resident will invest $22.000.000 into betterment of his community

Ottawa resident will invest $22.000.000 into betterment of his community

Many major lottery winners use their enormous windfalls to quit their jobs, buy a new home and a supercar, but not Paul Hindo. He was dreaming of similar things before hitting a $22.000.000 jackpot, but after collecting this magnificent cash reward the fortunate Ottawa resident decided to give back to his local community instead. Would you be that generous if you had €129.800.000 at your disposal? Play Mega Millions to find out!

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Mr. Hindo matched the numbers 17, 24, 26, 27, 35 and 49 in the Lotto 6/49 draw on June 14th with a ticket he purchased at the Preston Newsstand in Little Italy. After seeing that the jackpot has been reset to $5.000.000 he felt happy for the person who scooped the previous one, and almost threw his tickets away because he didn’t think for one moment it could’ve been him.

“I was still very uncertain about everything. But the retailer knew right away. She was so excited that I actually helped calm her down, which makes me laugh to think about it now,” recalled Hindo.

The fortunate man immigrated from Iraq to Canada back in 1970s and had since become a well-respected figure of Ottawa’s real estate scene. His father thought him that it’s a privilege to be a citizen of this country, so he honored his words every day and did everything he could to invest as much as possible into making his local community a better place. Some of the charities he worked with in the past include Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation, Canadian Forces Liaison Council, and Community Foundation of Ottawa.

“I want to be wise and thoughtful with this money and continue to give back to Canada, which has been phenomenally generous to me and my family. Winning the lottery is freedom to make amazing choices for the betterment of my community, my family and my friends,” said Hindo, who’s currently a senior vice-president of business development at the investment management firm JLL, and doesn’t intend to quit his job.

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