Three life-long friends celebrate $1.300.000 lotto victory

Three life-long friends celebrate $1.300.000 lotto victory

Major lotto wins are always more exciting when you get to share one of the most amazing moments of your life with the people you love the most, and that’s exactly what happened to three women from Northam. After a life-long friendship and five years of buying lottery tickets as a team they ended up winning an amazing $1.300.000 windfall. Start a lotto syndicate with your best buddies and you could scoop much more – a spectacular €120.200.000 Mega Millions windfall awaits!

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The fortunate trio were among three ticket holders who correctly matched the numbers 5, 19, 25, 30, 33 and 34 in Australia’s Lotto draw on June 17th. They purchased the ticket at the Northam Central Newsagency, the same store where they’ve been buying them for the last five years. After hearing the winning ticket was sold at that exact location, one of the ladies decided to check theirs and that’s when she discovered they’re about to split $1.300.000.

“Next thing I knew I was frantically ringing the girls to tell them that we’d won the Lotto,” recalled one of the winners.

They didn’t share any plans for the future after collecting the cash reward, but one of them might want to buy a new phone since she dropped hers into a sink after receiving the news, because she was washing the dishes at the time.

“She demanded I sit down and shut up before exclaiming that we’d won the lottery. I wish I had listened because I kept doing the dishes and dropped my phone in the sink out of shock,” recalled the lucky woman.

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