Shopping for trash bags leads to $9.000.000 victory

Shopping for trash bags leads to $9.000.000 victory

Last minute purchases often inspire people to add lottery tickets to their shopping list, and sometimes they’re a reason behind spectacular victories. As for one fortunate couple from Auckland, their $9.000.000 winning ticket was bought when they forgotten to get trash bags during a regular grocery shopping. This amazing windfall will allow them to turn their lives around, and a €120.100.000 Mega Millions jackpot could do the same for you!

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The anonymous couple from Pukekohe matched all the winning numbers in New Zealand’s version of Powerball on June 14th with a ticket they bought at the store Countdown Pukekohe during a weekly grocery shopping. The couple left the store without buying the golden ticket, but they quickly realized they’ve forgotten to get trash bags and went back to the store.

“I dashed back into the supermarket and went through the self-check terminal to quickly grab rubbish bags. I randomly added a ticket onto my shopping, although I almost walked out without it! I grabbed the rubbish bags and started walking away and then remembered that the ticket would print out after my receipt, so I went back and grabbed it. I was laughing at myself for being so ditsy,” recalled the wife.

She checked the numbers on the night of the draw, and started shaking after realizing they matched the winning line. Her husband didn’t believe her at first, and it took a few days for them to officially come forward and collect the life-changing $9.000.000 windfall.

“It was such a relief to hand the ticket over and be reassured that we had actually won and weren’t just dreaming it all. We always talked a lot of bollocks about what we’d do if we won, but of course it feels different now,” said the wife, and added they’ll use the money to pay off their mortgage and enjoy the outdoors.

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