Fortunate mango tree brings luck to lotto players in Thailand

Fortunate mango tree brings luck to lotto players in Thailand

Some people are ready to go an extra mile to ensure lotto victory, and in Thailand everyone is travelling to the province of Nakhon Phanom. They’re not going there to enjoy natural beauties of this wonderful place, but in order to bring offerings to a mango tree that brought lotto fortune to several people in the past. Miraculous things could also happen to you in the next Mega Millions draw – play now to snatch €110.100.000!

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There are countless ways to choose your lotto numbers – buying a quick pick, playing birthday dates, dreaming of a lucky combination, or rubbing powder on a fortunate mango tree. Yes, you’re reading it right! Residents of the far northeastern Thai province Nakhon Phanom are using this strategy to snatch impressive windfalls, because it allegedly led several people to lotto fortune in a recent couple of drawings in this country.

Offerings to the mango tree have included pineapples, herbs, bananas, cakes, coconuts, Thai desserts, flowers and 14 Thai dresses, but some people tend to be more generous with their gifts. According to Toon Khunsri, who owns the farm where people gather to see the lucky mango tree, some of the visitors donated money, as well. Donations usually range from 20 to 1.000 baht and this 64-year old woman already collected over 10.000 baht to date.

“In the last lottery round on May 16, everyone who came saw the number 53. Some people told me they got winnings between 35.000 baht and 100.000 baht. Someone from Mukdahan province even won twice in a row, so they sent 20.000 baht to my bank account to build a roof over the offerings to the tree,” said Toon, and added she’ll use the money from donations to build a footpath into the farm.


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