Group of bakers from Chester share a £1.000.000 lottery prize

Group of bakers from Chester share a £1.000.000 lottery prize

After playing lottery as a syndicate for several years, 12 bakers from Chester finally got their own piece of the pie – they split an impressive £1.000.000 windfall, scooping around £83.000 each. You could also get to share the most amazing moment of your life with your friends – team up to play Mega Millions together and end up €101.200.000 richer!

The fortunate dozen have been playing lottery as a syndicate for six years and their patience paid off about a month ago, but they haven’t realized it for weeks because they’ve forgotten to check the UK’s Lotto raffle code for that night’s draw.

“I didn’t think it was a winning ticket but when I went to buy the next month of tickets for the syndicate I thought I had better double check. The machine made a funny noise and the shop assistant said to me, ‘You need to call Camelot, you must have won more than £500!’” recalled Cath Batten, the syndicate leader.

The best part of their lottery victory, according to Ms. Batten, was sharing the lucky news with the rest of her co-workers. They met while working at the Tesco Chester bakery and continued playing lotto together every week even after few of them switched the positions within the store.

“Telling my friends and colleagues we had won £1.000.000 was almost as special as winning the money. This amount of money is just life changing for all of us. We are all still trying to take it in and thinking about how we will spend our new-found fortune. It still doesn’t seem real for any of us,” explained Ms. Batten.

She described winning the lottery as “the most amazing feeling ever” and said they intend to continue playing, because there’s no reason why they couldn’t win again. Thinking optimistically had led them to an impressive prize and it may do the same thing for you – play Powerball to scoop an extraordinary €46.600.000 jackpot!


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