MSC Cruises launches Meraviglia, this year_s largest cruise ship

MSC Cruises launches Meraviglia, this year’s largest cruise ship

MSC Cruises launches Meraviglia, this year_s largest cruise ship

In the world of gigantic cruise ships sailing around the whole planet, bigger always means more – more luxury, more amenities you can enjoy and more time to spend on an amazing adventure.  That’s exactly a reason why one of the leading companies in this filed, MSC Cruises, decided to launch the whole fleet of enormous ships in the upcoming few years, starting with Meraviglia which set sail to the western Mediterranean this month. You could become one of its passengers after the next Mega Millions draw – an astonishing €100.700.000 prize is up for grabs!

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According to the company’s CEO Gianni Onorato, Meraviglia was built with three main pillars in mind – a wide range of options for dining and entertainment, and the ability to visit a wide variety of destinations. It’s 19 decks high, more than 1.000 feet long, and has enough room for 5.700 people, which means it’s one of the five largest cruise ships on the planet right now. Some of the entertainment options include promenade with a long LED roof, a water park with multiple slides, a Himalayan rope course, a theatre and a Cirque du Soleil show. When it comes to dinning, you can choose between twelve distinct venues, including a sushi bar, teppanyaki restaurant, American-style steakhouse and even a chocolate bar!

The company’s executive chairman Pierfrancesco Vago described the launch of Meraviglia as “an extremely proud moment” for MSC Cruises, and said it’s only the first ship of the whole new generation. They plan to build another six between 2017 and 2020, which will set new standards for cruise ships everywhere, according to Vago.

“We have an ambitious vision for the future and MSC Meraviglia marks the start of a new era for our company. The new ships that will come into service over the coming ten years are purpose-built connected ships, featuring innovation in both product and design, as well as the very latest-cutting edge technology to create unforgettable holiday experiences at sea for guests of all ages,” said Vago.

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