Woman collects £1.000.000 after carrying the winning ticket in her handbag for weeks

Woman collects £1.000.000 after carrying the winning ticket in her handbag for weeks

Woman collects £1.000.000 after carrying the winning ticket in her handbag for weeks

One of the main reasons many lotto tickets go unclaimed is the fact players often forget where they’ve left them. Fortunately, one woman from Dundee found hers just in time – it was hidden at the bottom of her handbag and it made her £1.000.000 richer. There’s no risk of losing your tickets when you buy them at Multilotto – MegaMillions could bring you a life-changing €90.400.000 fortune!

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After noticing a ticket in her handbag, which she’s been carrying around for weeks, Shaheen Akhtar decided to check her Lotto Millionaire Raffle code on TV, only to discover she’s a winner of an impressive £1.000.000 windfall. She immediately ran to the store where the ticket was purchased, and they advised her to give a call to the National Lottery Line – she followed their advice and after her suspicions were confirmed she decided to share the news with her nearest and dearest.

“I came home and started to call my family to let them know the good news. Most of them were in disbelief and asked things like ‘Are you mad?’ Once I explained that I really had won everyone was really happy for me,” recalled the 31-year old winner.

Ms. Akhtar is stay at home mum-of-three, and her family currently lives in a three-bedroom house, but that’s about to change. She intends to buy a bigger home with her husband, so each of their children could have a room of their own. Her plans also include doing some traveling and spoiling her kids with a lot of presents.

“I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai, but it was too expensive before, so we will definitely be going on a holiday there. It will also be nice to go shopping and treat myself as it always tends to be for the children,” said Akhtar.

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