Dublin grandmother to present generous cheques to her family after €4.500.000 win

Dublin grandmother to present generous cheques to her family after €4.500.000 win

Winning millions means you can splash out incredible amounts of cash on your loved ones, and that’s exactly what one grandmother from Dublin intends to do after a €4.500.000 lotto victory. This amazing cash reward will provide her whole family with an opportunity to live their lives without any financial worries, and MegaMillions could do the same thing for you. Play now to snatch €90.400.000!

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The fortunate woman, who decided to stay anonymous, matched the winning numbers in Ireland’s Lotto draw on May 26th. When she read the newspaper after her Sunday lunch, her numbers were all there and she immediately rang her son so he could double check them and confirm she wasn’t just seeing things.

The lucky winner formed the syndicate with her family about a year ago, when they were celebrating a significant birthday. She has three children, and they are planning to throw a big party to share the news with their extended family. They also want to present a generous cheque to each of woman’s grandkids, since they’re currently at “a stage where they are starting out in life”. That’s the only concrete plan they have at this point, but one thing is for sure – they will enjoy their futures without any financial worries after this magnificent victory.

“We are not going to go mad with this win, but it will certainly mean that life will be easier and there will be security for my adult children also. Nobody will retire on this but it will make all our lives more comfortable. I certainly won’t be buying a mansion but it means I can bid on a house which up to now would have been out of my reach,” said the €4.500.000 winner.

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