Powerball wows the world with a staggering €387.400.000 windfall

Powerball wows the world with a staggering €387.400.000 windfall

Powerball never fails to amaze us with its magnificent jackpots, especially when they get extremely high following a long series of rollovers like it’s happening now. After two months with no top prize winner, the windfall offered at this moment has risen to €387.400.000. Buy your ticket HERE and this incredible amount of money could end up in your bank account.

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The lucky numbers that didn’t bring an amazing victory to anyone on June 7th were 5, 21, 57, 66, 69, plus the Power Ball 13. There were over 1.878.000 winners of non-jackpot prizes, who snatched a total of almost $18.500.000 – the luckiest of the bunch was one participant from North Carolina, who matched the five main numbers and used the Power Play option to scoop $2.000.000. Another three players from California, Pennsylvania and Rhode Island who didn’t use the Power Play option, but also had a Match 5 winning ticket in their possession, scooped $1.000.000 each.

Powerball has been rolling over since one fortunate ticket holder from Arizona snatched $60.000.000 on April 1st. The list of this year’s Powerball jackpot millionaires also includes a mysterious winner from Wisconsin, who netted $156.000.000 in March, and an anonymous man from Indiana, who netted $435.300.000 on February 22nd. It’s the largest pay-out that was offered in this game in the year 2017 so far, but it’s very possible the current jackpot will surpass it – high ticket sales will probably force the prize to grow even more, making it the highest Powerball windfall of the year.

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