Belgium celebrates €153.800.000 Euromillions victory

Belgium celebrates €153.800.000 Euromillions victory

After almost eight weeks with no jackpot winner in sight, one Euromillions aficionado finally managed to stop rollover train in its track and snatch the most gigantic lottery reward on the continent last night. The life-changing €153.800.000 windfall was collected by a lucky punter from Belgium and after their amazing victory the top prize has been reset to €17.000.000.

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The winning numbers that enabled this incredible twist of fortune were 8, 10, 24, 33 and 42, with Lucky Stars 3 and 9. It was the first time someone managed to correctly guess all the Euromillions numbers since April 11th, when anonymous family from France collected €83.300.000. Friday was also a lucky night for additional seven players, who missed the jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars – they collected €290.000 each, and it’s currently known there are two winners in both Spain and Portugal, and one in the UK and France. The draw on June 2nd also produced 23 winners of a Match 5 prize worth over €20.000.

Belgian victory on Friday night is mesmerizing in more ways than one – it’s currently the eight largest jackpot win in the history of the game, and also the second largest windfall that ever went to this country. Belgium currently sits in the fifth place on the list of the most successful countries playing Euromillions, with a total of 29 victories since the game launched in 2004. Past several months were especially fruitful, since the largest jackpot ever won in Belgium was also produced during this period – it was collected back in October and amounted to €168.000.000.

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