Powerball offers the world_s largest jackpot – €269.700.000!

Powerball offers the world’s largest jackpot – €269.700.000!

Powerball offers the world_s largest jackpot – €269.700.000!

It’s been almost two months of rollovers for Powerball players around the world and the jackpot winner seems to be nowhere in sight. The last draw that failed to transform someone into a multi-millionaire took place on night, when the top prize jumped to €269.700.000. Buy your ticket HERE and this gigantic windfall could end up in your hands!

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The winning combination 28, 32, 33, 38 and 62 with the Power Ball 15 failed to produce a jackpot winner this Friday night, but many players had a reason to celebrate when the numbers were drawn. One participant from New York was the luckiest of the bunch, since they scooped $1.000.000 for correctly guessing the five main numbers. The drawing on May 24th produced a total of around 938.000 winners who collected almost $6.950.000 in non-jackpot prizes.

Powerball isn’t the only game with a nine-digit jackpot right now – Euromillions has been rolling over for quite some time now and it’s currently offering a €129.000.000 pay-out. The last draw that didn’t bring an enormous fortune to anyone took place on May 23rd, when the winning numbers were 8, 15, 25, 27 and 42 plus the Lucky Stars 1 and 4. Despite the fact no one managed to match them all, four players (two from the UK, one from Portugal and one from Austria) were very close to doing so. They netted almost €335.000 each for missing the jackpot by one of the Lucky Stars.

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