€50.300.000 Eurojackpot prize goes to Germany

€50.300.000 Eurojackpot prize goes to Germany

Germany has been an absolute leader in Eurojackpot game since its very launch in 2012 and two nights ago it proved it deserves this title once again. The top prize of one of the leading lotto games on the continent was scooped by another fortunate punter from this country and it was worth €50.300.000 this time! The jackpot has been reset to €10.000.000 after this amazing victory.

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The winning line that turned someone into Germany’s latest multi-millionaire consisted of the digits 3, 11, 13, 15 and 23 with Euro numbers 1 and 9. It’s highly probable the lucky winner from the state Rhineland-Palatinate used the so-called “special numbers” strategy to pick this line, since it consists of the digits below 31. Friday was also a lucky night for another seven ticket holders who missed the jackpot by one of the Euro numbers, to snatch almost €230.000 each. Three of them are also Germans – two are resident of Bavaria, while one comes from   North Rhine-Westphalia. There have also been two winners of the second prize in both Finland and Denmark.

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Eurojackpot’s strongest competitor, on the other hand, rolled over again on May 26th. The winning Euromillions numbers drawn this Friday night were 5, 7, 26, 36 and 39 with Lucky Stars 2 and 10. Four people (including two from the UK, one from France and one from Belgium) came very close to becoming millionaires, but won €427.000 for correctly guessing the five main numbers and one of the Lucky Stars instead. Try succeeding where they’ve failed next week – the jackpot has jumped to €139.000.000!

If Euromillions top prize isn’t impressive enough for you, just wait to hear about the Powerball jackpot – €269.700.000 could be yours!

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